Ormco Advises On Tips For Bettering Orthodontic Practices In The New Year

Social Media Best Practices and Showcasing Virtually Invisible Treatment Options Among Advice from Makers of the Damon® System and Insignia™

ORANGE, Calif. (Jan. 10, 2012)—Ormco Corporation, a leading manufacturer and provider of advanced orthodontic technology and services, is advising orthodontists on ways to better their practices in 2012 by offering tips and insightful data to help increase the value of their services. According to a study conducted by Millennium Research Group, 68 percent of surveyed adults are interested in improving their smiles. In order to capitalize on such a large pool of potential patients, orthodontists must remain competitive by understanding the orthodontic treatment preferences of this audience, while effectively promoting their practices on social media platforms. In honor of the New Year, orthodontists and clinicians are encouraged to evaluate the latest treatment methods that deliver exceptional patient results to ensure efficient and profitable practices. To this end, Ormco has released the following research findings and social media tips:

  • Potential Adult Patients Need to be Educated
    There are approximately 23 million U.S. adults who are interested in improving their smiles, but don't seek treatment due to lack of education, according to a study from the Millennium Research Group. The same study indicates that not only is there a low overall orthodontic IQ among adults in need of treatment, but that this audience is more likely to seek treatment after reviewing educational orthodontic materials that indicate the benefits of orthodontic treatment, as well as advancements in the treatment experience itself. Orthodontists should leverage educational support and marketing materials provided by manufacturers of leading treatments, in order to better educate potential patients and increase existing patients' overall orthodontic IQ.
  • Aesthetics Matter
    According to forecasts from the aforementioned Millennium Research Group study, there will be an increased patient demand for aesthetic treatment over the next three to five years. It is advised to consider expanding service offerings to include virtually invisible bracket solutions that deliver the same benefits of metal braces through a discreet treatment option. Additionally, the latest clear bracket solutions can surpass established specifications in all clinical performance categories including: wear and strength, torque and rotational control, resistance to staining, and debonding ease and patient comfort.
  • Fast Treatment Sells
    Thirty-three percent of respondents in a Millennium Research Group study indicated that the length of treatment duration is one of the factors that have prevented them from seeking orthodontic care. Orthodontists should educate their patients thoroughly on treatment time for leading orthodontic appliances. To stay current on the latest advances in orthodontic solutions that help reduce treatment times, orthodontists can attend leading educational events in the industry.
  • Pricing Sensitivity is Moderate
    As part of the Millennium Research Group study, respondents also reported being moderately price sensitive in selecting a treatment option, citing very little difference in preference for a treatment priced at $250 vs. $300 per month. As such, orthodontists are encouraged to explore advanced treatment solutions to offer patients the best possible smile despite marginal price increases.
  • Third-Party Patient Financing
    To ease the financial concerns of potential patients while considering the best possible treatment, orthodontists are advised to offer flexible patient financing options. As part of this, orthodontists should investigate available third-party financing plans that create access to the same proven treatment through more affordable monthly payments. Offering more affordable options will help increase case acceptance and cash flow, while decreasing accounts receivables. Keep in mind that most consumers are willing to pay a premium to obtain added treatment benefits, such as faster treatment and less noticeable appliance, according to the Millennium Research Group study.
  • Engage on Social Media
    Today, millions of people are active on social media, including potential orthodontic patients. It is important orthodontists have a presence on leading platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Yelp. Actively monitoring orthodontic conversations and practice reviews can help orthodontists better understand client concerns and preferences. Additionally, engaging with current and prospective clients online helps to strengthen relationships, build trust and position the practicing orthodontist as a thought leader.

Ormco's flagship solutions include the Damon System and Insignia. Insignia utilizes 3-D imaging and precision manufacturing to determine, within fractions of a millimeter, the ideal treatment for patients. The Damon System is an orthodontic treatment that uses low-friction passive self-ligating brackets, hi-tech light-force archwires and minimally invasive protocols for remarkable patient results.

Media interested in speaking with an Ormco spokesperson should contact Robin Dwyer at 619-234-0345 or ormco@formulapr.com. Connect with Ormco on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/DamonSystemBraces, or Twitter at @Ormco and@DamonBraces.

About Ormco

For more than 50 years, Ormco Corporation has provided innovative products and services that help orthodontists deliver exceptional clinical results in the least amount of time and with the greatest patient comfort. Among the company's many innovations are a number of notable "firsts," including direct bonding, rhomboid and computer-aided design (CAD) brackets, Copper Ni-Ti® wires, TMA™ beta titanium wires, and Damon® Clear™, the most aesthetic passive self-ligating bracket on the market. The company also is a pioneer in 3-D digital orthodontics with Insignia™ advanced smile design, an integrated system of customized appliances and software. Ormco is a subsidiary of Sybron Dental Specialties, Inc., a leading manufacturer of a broad range of value-added products for the dental profession, including the specialty markets of orthodontics, endodontics and implantology, and a variety of infection prevention products for use by the medical profession. For more information, visit Ormco.

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