Faster Treatment Time

Third-party studies including one study by Tagawa prove that treatment time using the Damon System is up to seven months faster than other orthodontic appliances.1 That’s because the Damon System exhibits 99.5% less friction than active self-ligating brackets and 99.8% less friction than conventionally ligated twins according to a study by Vourdouris.2 Berger reports that such a dramatic reduction in friction has been linked to shortening overall treatment time.3

Average Arch Leveling and Total Treatment Times (in months)
advantage faster average arch chart
Number of Treatment Appointments
advantage faster appointments chart
Patient Discomfort
advantage faster patient discomfort chart

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33Berger J. Self-ligation in the year 2000, a comparative assessment of conventional ligation and self-ligation bracket systems. Journal of Clinical Orthodontics 2000.