Orthos AP™

Orthos AP Marking System

  • All brackets are color-coded by quadrant.
    • Upper right—Orange
    • Upper left—White
    • Lower anteriors—Black
    • Lower right—Purple
    • Lower left—Green
  • The dimple or paint mark is on the distogingival tie-wing unless otherwise noted.
  • Upper and lower 2nd bicuspids have dimples/paint on both gingival tie-wings.
  • Upper centrals are wider than upper laterals.
  • The lower laterals, cuspids and bicuspids also feature a scribe line on the occlusal tie-wings.

Straight-Wire Synthesis

To achieve the proper expression of the Orthos appliance, all brackets should be placed at the following heights (based on the average patient):

Maxillary Mandibular
Central 4.6 mm 4.0 mm
Lateral 3.9 mm 4.0 mm
Cuspid 4.7 mm 4.8 mm
1st Bicuspid 4.5 mm 4.0 mm
2nd Bicuspid 3.6 mm 4.0 mm