The Latest Advancements in Clear Aligners*

Spark’s TruGEN™ material is proven to perform
better compared to the leading aligner brand:

  • More sustained force retention
  • Better surface contact area with the tooth
  • Clearer, more comfortable and stains less

And now, TruGEN XR offers doctors a new material option
designed for finishing and refinements.

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A New, More Rigid Material Option

Say hello to TruGEN XR, a new, proprietary and more rigid material option, designed for finishing and refinements.

Introduced with Spark’s latest release 10, TruGEN XR gives doctors more control and better predictability with the finishing details of a case, and is on par with the finishing wire option doctors have with traditional braces.

TruGEN XR has the same advanced force retention, clarity, stain resistance and material thickness that orthodontists love about TruGEN.

The Science Behind Spark

With the latest advancements in material science and manufacturing technology,
Spark is designed to help you achieve stellar clinical results.

More Sustained Force Retention

TruGEN™ is proven to provide greater sustained force retention designed for more efficient and effective tooth movement, compared to the leading aligner material.*

Sustained Force Retention

*Data on file.

Better Contact Surface Area

Spark’s TruGEN™ material has 19% better contact surface area with the tooth, compared to the leading aligner material.*

Leading Aligner Brand 180 μm  vs Spark 99 μm | Microscope image of aligner surface -10x manification

Better Printing Resolution

Spark aligners are manufactured with 80% better printing resolution than the leading aligner brand.*

Surface Texture

More Uniform Surface

Spark Aligners have a more uniform surface texture versus the leading aligner competitor.*


Better Contact

When contacting the same tooth, Spark Aligners have better contact surface area than the leading aligner brand. The difference is statistically significant.*

*Compared to the leading aligner competitor. Data on file.

100% Patient Recommended*

TruGEN™ material is clearer, more comfortable and stains less, compared to the leading aligner brand.*
100% of patients surveyed would recommend Spark to a friend. TruGEN and TruGenXR are BPA, mercury, latex and phthalate free.*

More Clear

Leading Aligner Brand
Spark Clear Aligners are More Clear

More Comfortable

Leading Aligner Brand
Spark Clear Aligners are More Comfortable | Polished Edges

Stains Less

Leading Aligner Brand
Spark Clear Aligners Stain Less

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