Love your Lythos™? Then give it a name!

Make your Lythos scanner part of your practice family by giving the system its very own name. Yes a real, unique, personalized name! Wally, Smiley, Lucky, Little Lytho…the options are endless.

Simply show your Lythos some love with a system name and we’ll send you a personalized nameplate to adorn the scanner and an official Lythos birth certificate!

Lythos Birth Certificate Form


Name your Lythos to make your high-tech scanner patiently-friendly and create a fun practice environment. Consider a name that will resonate with your patients and help make the scanning process something to look forward to.


Need Inspiration?

Having a difficult time picking a name? Consider the below to help get the creative name-giving wheels turning!

  • President Barack Obama’s Ford Escape Hybrid is affectionately named “The Beast”
  • Charlie and Rudy both top the charts for car names
  • Popular baby names for 2013 included: Liam, Noah, Emma and Olivia
  • Max, Buddy, Molly, Lucy, and Rocky are all favorite pet names

Involve Your Patients

Make naming your Lythos scanner fun for the whole practice! Ask patients to submit suggested names and after collecting nominations, hold an office-wide vote to determine the winning name. Also, consider using your practice Facebook page to have fans vote for their favorite name.