Ormco Custom leads the way in manufacturing custom brackets, wires and appliances that are unique to each patient and treatment plan. With the integration of AOA custom lab services, Ormco Custom delivers state-of-the-art digital technologies and unprecedented levels of customization with groundbreaking efficiencies.

Offices looking for customized appliances simply send a completed Rx via email to AOA Lab. When using Lythos, placing “Lythos Scan” after the patients name will automatically trigger AOA to go the Ormco cloud to retrieve the scan data. No file converting, no 3rd party FTP sites. From there, AOA uses cutting-edge SLA printers to create the personalized appliances. The SLA printers allow for superior detail and accuracy. Once the appliance(s) are fabricated, the practice will receive the product along with the printed model via UPS.

Ormco Custom


  • Protect your treatment plan
  • Exact bracket placement
  • Comfortable bonding experience