The Mini-Twin™ Brings A Rhomboid Design To A Straight-Wire™ Appliance System



  • Mini-Twin™ appliances feature 80 gauge mesh pads.
  • The vertical scribe line aligns with the crown-long axis.
  • Mini-Twin™ is available in Andrews and Roth* prescriptions

Mini-Twin™ Marking System

Mini Twin-Marking System Graphic Chart

The Bracket ID illustration represents the Andrews prescription.

Each Mini-Twin™ bracket has a color ID system that is coordinated with the other A+ mesh products. The color ID is on the distogingival tie-wing, so bracket identification is easy. For added accuracy, the upper brackets have a cast dot ID and all brackets have cast letters in the saddle of the bracket ide

LocationCentralLateralCuspid1st Bicuspid2nd Bicuspid
UpperDark PurplePinkGreenPurplePurple
AndrewsD/G dot, “A”D/G dot, “B”D/G dot, “C”D/G dot, “D”D/G dot, “D”
Roth*D/G dot, “X”D/G dot, “Y”D/G dot, “H”D/G dot, “J”D/G dot, “J”
Super TorqueD/G dot, “L”D/G dot, “O”D/G dot, “N”  
Surgical Set  D/G dot, “S”  
LowerYellowYellowLight BlueWhiteRed
AndrewsNo markNo markD/G dot,“C”D/G dot,“D”D/G dot, “E”
Roth*No markNo markD/G dot, “H”D/G dot, “J”D/G dot, “K”

All hooks are distogingival unless otherwise noted.  
*Does not imply endorsement by a doctor.

Product Information

Please find the Product Configuration File and Listings for Mini-Twin below.

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