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Spark Clear Aligner Approver Software

Designed to Give You More Control & Flexibility

The Spark™ Clear Aligner System is backed by proprietary Approver Software, dedicated case designers, and a customer-focused support team, all with the common goal of giving doctors:

  • Greater start-to-finish control
  • More efficient and predictable treatment planning

Easy to Use with All the Latest Features

Spark Aligners are guaranteed to provide you with the latest in aligner technology. In addition to being made with TruGEN™ material, they also offer an enhanced experience with our cutting-edge Approver Software, which is designed to give you more control over your patients’ smile transformation. It also allows for meticulous planning of treatment so you never leave out a single detail. Make sure your patients’ process is smooth and results in a beautiful smile.

Another important feature is the built-in flexibility that allows you to specify multiple setups at submission and add fully customizable features such as attachments, cutouts, hooks, and bite ramps. You can also download STL files of the first three stages and the last stage from the Spark Aligners portal.

Spark Aligners' latest releases offer new proprietary software features not previously available with clear aligner therapy and enhancements including:

  • Posterior Bite Turbos that can now be added during treatment planning for complex cases.
  • CBCT Integration so you can import and visualize CBCT patient data (DICOM files).
  • Multiple Treatment plans that you can seamlessly request and compare at the same time.


Anatomical Beveled Attachments
Redesigned Bite Ramps
CBCT Integration

Hear What Our Current Providers Have to Say

Dr. Vas Tells His Spark Aligners Story

Discover how Spark Aligners help him provide a better patient experience and why he values the flexibility our system offers to him and his patients.

“When we switched our existing aligner patients into Spark Clear Aligners, they were ecstatic with how Spark was lighter, thinner and the clarity of the TruGEN™ material really stood out to them.”   

Dr. Bill Dischinger* †
“Spark sets a new standard in clarity for aligners.”  

Dr. Jeffrey Heinz* †
“I love the material and feel like the teeth track so much better. Patients are loving it, too. I’ve literally had nothing but positive reviews.”  

Dr. Bill Dischinger* †

Give Your Patients Effective Results

Our Approver Software makes clear aligner orthodontic treatment experience a breeze for both patients and orthodontists alike. Sign up to try Spark Aligners now and see why so many people love our system. New customer pricing available.  
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**Eligible for new customers in North America only. Valid for dual arch Spark advanced cases and cannot be combined with other offers. Contact a Spark specialist for more information.   
*†Dr's. Bill Dischinger, Vas Srinivasan, Ashley Smith, Jeffrey Heinz, Mike DePascale, Sonia Palleck, Andre Nazarov, Stuart Frost, Robert Gire are paid consultants for Ormco. The opinions that are quoted in this material are those of the doctors. Ormco is a medical device manufacturer and does not dispense medical advice. Clinicians should use their own judgment in treating their patients.