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SparkTM Clear Aligner System

Designed For The Needs Of Orthodontists

  • The latest innovations in aligner material and digital orthodontics
  • Greater start-to-finish control and flexibility
  • More predictable and efficient treatment planning*
  • 100% Patient Recommended1

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What Makes Spark Clear Aligners the Best Option for you and your practice?

Spark’s TruGENTM and TruGEN XRTM

The Latest Innovations in Aligner Material   
SparkTM Clear Aligners are built with TruGENTM, the latest innovation in orthodontic material. TruGEN offers better force retention, better contact, and more effective tooth movement throughout treatment. In addition to increased comfort, patients also enjoy nearly invisible aligners that stains less than the leading aligner brand*. Based on clarity and comfort, 96% of patients prefer Spark Clear Aligners to the leading aligner brand.2

The Science Behind Spark Aligners

98% of doctors agree that the contact surface area between the aligner and the tooth is a key factor driving aligner predictability.3 See how Spark Aligners achieve better contact between the aligner and the tooth than the leading aligner brand.*

TruGEN Material Zoom

Spark Approver Software

More control. More predictable treatment planning. 
Spark Clear Aligners is backed with the high-tech, digital Approver Software designed to give doctors more control and flexibility on planning of orthodontic treatment.

Based on clarity and comfort, 96% of patients prefer Spark Clear Aligners to the leading aligner brand.2

Thanks to their smooth, scalloped edges, Spark Aligners offer a more comfortable treatment than the leading aligner brand. They are also clearer and stain less than the leading brand.* Of patients surveyed, 100% would recommend Spark Aligners to a friend.1

The individual portrayed in this image is a model and the product was placed for demonstration purposes only, not an actual treatment.

See a Detailed View of All Our Features

Spark Clear Aligners offer innovative and efficient orthodontic solutions to treat a wide variety of malocclusions.

All the features that can be added to Spark Clear Aligners such as hooks, bite ramps, cutouts, attachments, and more.

Trusted By Doctors Worldwide

Spark Clear Aligners can treat a wide variety of cases and malocclusions including spacing, crowding, open bite, crossbite, underbite, and overbite. Our digital orthodontic system can also be used to treat people of all ages, including kids and teens, who wish to build a healthy and captivating smile for a brighter future.

Contraindication: If a patient has active periodontal disease treatment with aligners should be avoided or delayed until the patient is free from symptoms of active periodontal disease. 

Testimonials from Our Current Providers

Not only are Spark Aligners preferred by patients2, but doctors also have great things to say about how our system improves orthodontic treatment.

"Spark Clear Aligner System has far exceeded my expectations and is an 
absolute home run."
Dr. Bill Dischinger*†
"From the get-go, Spark has been impressive. The delivery and manufacturing quality is on par with other major players. Ormco’s commitment to the profession and this treatment modality is truly amazing and something I can get behind."
Dr. Vas Srinivasan*†
"I am thoroughly impressed with the technicians so far. They have been responsive and eager to learn my preferences when building the aligners, which is already cutting down on the time I have to spend on modifications."
Dr. Jeffrey Heinz*†
"When we switched our existing aligner patients into Spark Clear Aligners, they were ecstatic with how Spark was lighter, thinner and the clarity of the TruGEN™ material really stood out to them." 
Dr. Bill Dischinger*†
"Spark’s crystal clear plastic looks amazing and works even better! I am seeing beautiful movement in far fewer aligners than I did with the leading aligner brand."
Dr. Sonia Palleck*†
"I love the material and feel like the teeth track so much better. Patients are loving it, too. I’ve literally had nothing but positive reviews."
Dr. Bill Dischinger*†
"I love my Spark cases. I really believe that plastic is 200% better than the leading aligner and tooth movement is much better and faster."
Dr. Andre Nazarov*†

Start Making a Difference for Your Patients Today!

Explore Spark Clear Aligners and discover the latest advancements in digital orthodontics for incredible smile transformations. New customer pricing available.  
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*Data on file.  
**Eligible for new customers in North America only. Valid for dual arch Spark advanced cases and cannot be combined with other offers. Contact a Spark specialist for more information.    
*†Dr's. Bill Dischinger, Vas Srinivasan, Ashley Smith, Jeffrey Heinz, Mike DePascale, Sonia Palleck, Andre Nazarov, Stuart Frost, Robert Gire are paid consultants for Ormco. The opinions that are quoted in this material are those of the doctors. Clinicians should use their own judgment in treating their patients.    
1Data on file. Based on a survey of 101 patients.    
2Compared to the leading aligner competitor. Data on file. Based on a survey of 51 patients.    
3Based on a survey with 60 Spark doctors who have approved 100 or more Spark cases. Data on file.