Features and Benefits

An evolution in Herbst®1 Class II therapy, AdvanSync is designed to advance the mandible to a Class I occlusion within six to nine months – while the patient has been bonded upper and lower 5 to 5. AdvanSync eliminates the need for patient compliance and provides maximum comfort and range of movement.

Class II Treatment in Class I Time

  • Placed simultaneously with initial bonding, synchronizing Class II treatment with orthodontic therapy
  • Completes Class II treatment within six to nine months
  • Provides constant activation and eliminates the need for patient compliance

Improved Patient Satisfaction

  • Arms are 50% shorter than those in traditional Herbst appliances, reducing discomfort and cheek irritation
  • Placed more distal than other Herbst appliances, for a more discreet appearance
  • Facilitates enhanced lateral jaw movement
  • Speech is unaffected and patients adjust quickly

Maximum Orthopedic Correction

  • Advances the mandible producing stable orthopedic changes as demonstrated by clinical research 2
  • Generates forward growth of the glenoid fossae with minimal changes in the position of the condyles in the fossae
  • Improves jaw position immediately, which is encouraging to patients and parents

Convenient and Easy-To-Use

  • Simple and streamlined design, easy to deliver for doctors and staff
  • No TPA's or lingual arches necessary
  • Allows freedom of mechanics mesial to the molar crowns
  • Built-in activation—no need to change the arms for final activation

1. Herbst is a registered trademark of Dentaurum Inc.
2. Ryan VanLaecken, Chris A. Martin, Terry Dischinger, Thomas Razmus and Peter Ngan. Treatment effects of edgewise Herbst appliance: a cephalometric investigation. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2006: 130(5): 582-593