Debonding Protocol

The Damon Clear Debonding Instrument must be used to debond the Damon Clear bracket. The instrument's jaws and wedge are specially calibrated to the profile and base of the Damon Clear bracket, resulting in a fast, comfortable debonding experience for patients. No flash removal using a burr or scaler is required.

Damon Clear Debonding

Step 1

With the wedge of the instrument positioned on the occlusal side of the bracket, place the instrument jaws behind the gingival and occlusal tie-wings. Squeeze the instrument handle to close the jaws around the bracket body.

Damon Clear Debonding

Step 2

Continue squeezing the instrument handle to engage the wedge and advance it toward the bracket pad. As the wedge comes into contact with the tooth, it will peel the bracket from the tooth. NOTE: Twisting the instrument while gripping the bracket may result in patient discomfort and/or bracket deformation.