Wire Protocol

Damon Clear is designed for use with Ormco's proprietary force-calibrated archwires for fast, efficient tooth movement. For optimal performance and reliability, proper Damon mechanics and archwire sequencing must be employed.

From Damon Optimal-Force Copper Ni-Ti® to Low-Friction TMA™ and stainless steel, each wire is backed by Ormco's technologically advanced manufacturing and quality control processes. That means unsurpassed batch-to-batch consistency for reliable, predictable results.

Each wire must have sufficient time to express itself before progression to the next wire. For anterior torque expression, use either pre-torqued nickel titanium archwires to make the appropriate bends in TMA or titanium niobium. For rotational bends, use TMA or titanium niobium.

Do not make finishing bends in stainless steel wires, since such bends may result in fractures.