Practice Management


Insignia can reduce the number of treatment appointments and decrease fixed costs per visit, allowing you to achieve more with the same resources.

With Insignia, we’re not just busier,
we’re more productive.

Dr. Timothy Bandeen
Battle Creek, Michigan, USA

Impact of Insignia on key practice metrics¹

137% Number of Full Case Starts. 36% Number of Appointments. 21% Staff Hours.
  1. * Number of appointments increased due to new patients acquired.
  2. ¹ Data collected by Dr. Timothy Bandeen, Battle Creek, Michigan, comparing cases treated with Insignia SL from 2009 to 2015 vs. cases treated with Damon SL prior to 2009.

What our doctors are saying

Streamlines Workflow. Fosters Delegation.


With appliances fabricated on an as-needed basis, Insignia can significantly reduce inventory management time and cost.


Daily workflow can be standardized across multiple locations, even with multiple doctors, for consistent results.


Insignia fosters increased opportunities for staff delegation.

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