Straight-Wire® Synthesis™

Traditional Straight-Wire Features

Compound Contour for Snug Fit

Each Synthesis bracket is designed with tooth-specific contours in the base. These contours mirror the anatomy of the middle third of each tooth to ensure accurate placement and snug fit.

Torque-in-Base for Accurate Placement

With the Synthesis appliance, the center of the slot and the center of the base are always on the same plane. Torque-in-the-base ensures consistent, reliable placement and makes level slot lineup possible.

Level Slot Lineup for Less Wire Bending

With the Synthesis appliance, the slot of the bracket will always be parallel to the occlusal plane of the arch, eliminating timeconsuming wire bends.

Proven Enhancements

Rhomboid Design for Easier Placement

The rhomboid bracket and pad design, incorporated throughout the Synthesis System, provides numerous references for easier bracket placement. The horizontal aspects align parallel to the occlusal plane and the vertical aspects align parallel to the crown-long axis of each tooth. These visual cues make bracket placement more precise.

Functionality with Aesthetics

Synthesis is specifically engineered to combine the rotational control of the Straight-Wire® appliance with the aesthetics of the Mini-Twin™ in applicable brackets.

Straight-Wire Synthesis Marking System

Straight-Wire Synthesis

For your convenience and ease-of-use, we have maintained the traditional Straight-Wire color identification on the distogingival tie-wing and the letter marking on the bracket.

Central Lateral Cuspid 1st Bicuspid 2nd Bicuspid
Upper Blue Pink Green Purple Purple
Roth* D/G dot, “X” D/G dot, “Y” D/G dot, “H” D/G dot, “J” D/G dot, “J”
Lower Yellow Yellow Light Blue White Red
Roth No mark No mark D/G dot, “H” D/G dot, “J” D/G dot, “K”

* Does not imply endorsement by doctor.