Traditional Straight-Wire Bracket

  • Synthesis bracket is designed with contours in the base.
  • Torque-in-base design.
  • The rhomboid bracket and pad design, incorporated throughout the Synthesis System, provides references for bracket placement.
Straight-Wire Synthesis

Straight-Wire Synthesis Marking System

Straight-Wire Synthesis

For your convenience and ease-of-use, we have maintained the traditional Straight-Wire color identification on the distogingival tie-wing and the letter marking on the bracket.

Central Lateral Cuspid 1st Bicuspid 2nd Bicuspid
Upper Blue Pink Green Purple Purple
Roth* D/G dot, “X” D/G dot, “Y” D/G dot, “H” D/G dot, “J” D/G dot, “J”
Lower Yellow Yellow Light Blue White Red
Roth No mark No mark D/G dot, “H” D/G dot, “J” D/G dot, “K”

* Does not imply endorsement by doctor.