Advanced clear bracket with refined strength and aesthetics

Introducing Symetri Clear

Symetri Clear is made of polycrystalline-alumina featuring the latest advancements in ceramic bracket technology for aesthetics and performance. As part of Ormco’s Straight-Wire™ bracket system, it is designed with optimized in/out dimensions to express the purest McLaughlin, Bennett, Trevisi* Rx.

Serving the needs of doctors and patients, the twin bracket is designed with round surfaces and edges, creating enhanced patient comfort and greater radii on sliding surfaces. Combining state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and the latest in ceramic materials, Symetri Clear provides the benefit of aesthetics and offers easy, non-destructive, single-piece debonding.

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Features of Symetri™ clear
twin bracket system

Symetri Clear bracket diagram
  1. Designed for aesthetics and strength using advanced polycrystalline-alumina ceramic manufacturing technology†
  2. Radiused M/D archwire edges reduce notching and facilitate easy sliding
  3. Base flange designed for secure grasp and placement without damage
  4. Rounded and smoothed labial surfaces aid with patient comfort and diffuse light better than a flat surface
  5. Anatomical pad with compound-contoured base, designed to adapt to fit each tooth
  6. Ample torque and tie-wing strength plus the generous under tie-wing area facilitates secure double tying using a steel ligature, without damage or fracture†
  7. Low profile for aesthetics and to minimize occlusal interference

Proprietary Base Design and Patented Debonding Plier for One-piece Removal

Symetri Clear
Symetri Clear

Ormco's proprietary laser etched pattern on the surface of the bracket pad is precisely controlled to provide consistency and reliability in bonding and debonding.

Symetri Clear

Minimal force debonding with our patented debonding plier is designed to remove the clear bracket in one piece, without fracture. One squeeze. One click.

*Does not imply endorsement. Computer simulated data on file.
Data on file.

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