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Case Studies

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Success Stories



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Case studies

Symetri Success with Adult Patients

I consider this case a success because we were able to achieve our goal of camouflaging the mild skeletal Class III malocclusion by obtaining Class I molars, correcting the anterior crossbite, and obtaining positive overjet.

Dr. Bryan Lockhart3

Symetri is especially effective at addressing the concerns of adult patients including:

  • Dental complications—including missing teeth, heavily restores teeth and periodontal issues (to name a few)
  • Compliance—with non-growing teeth, growth cannot be manipulated as effectively with elastics, as it can with growing patients
  • Lifestyle—adult patients do not like the social distractions that elastics can cause and treatment time is extremely important

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Five Factors of Ceramic
—Dr. Mark Coreil1


The Aesthetic Demand: Going beyond clear aligners to satisfy patients' needs
—Dr. Robert Gire2


The multifactorial challenges to treating non-growing adult Class III patients
—Dr. Bryan Lockhart3


Success Stories

Emily Boudreaux, Symetri Clear Patient

Not only are Symetri brackets comfortable, but I finally get to have braces without feeling self-conscious when talking and smiling in front of other people. A lot of people don’t even realize I have them on my teeth.


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Aesthetic Orthodontics with Symetri™ By Dr. Mark Coreil

Watch Dr. Coreil’s recorded webinar1 about Symetri Clear’s latest innovations in aesthetic orthodontics. From his experience, you'll learn:

  • How Symetri addresses key concerns with ceramic brackets in the past
  • Why it’s the most innovative clear ceramic bracket today
    • Designed for both dentists and patients
    • Easy and safe debonding in 1 piece
    • Comfortable and attractive
  • How it works
  • Case studies

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Did You Know?

Symetri Clear is designed with our latest ceramic bracket
innovations for patient comfort and clinical performance

  • Refined strength from polycrystalline-alumina
  • Low profile designed for patients and doctors
  • Easy and safe one-piece debonding
  • Uniquely optimized in/out dimensions

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1 Dr. Mark Coreil is a paid consultant for Ormco Corporation. The opinions expressed above and in the webinar are those of the Dr. Coreil. Patient results may vary. Data on file.
2 Dr. Robert Gire is a paid consultant for Ormco Corporation. The opinions expressed in the case study are those of Dr. Robert Gire. Patient results may vary.
3 Case Study by Dr. Bryan Lockhart, Orthodontic Practice, Volume 10 Number 5, pp. 32-34. Dr. Lockhart has no financial or other conflicts of interest related to the products in this article. The opinions expressed above and in the case study are those of Dr. Bryan Lockhart. Patient results may vary.
4 The opinions expressed above and in the video are those of the patient, Emily Boudreaux. Patient results may vary.

Ormco Corporation is a medical device manufacturer and does not dispense medical advice. Clinicians should use their own professional judgement in treating their patients.