Harnessing The Power of Titanium

Harnessing The Power of Titanium

My patients love the comfort they get from the stored energy of Titanium Orthos. I love the predictable finishing I get from the consistent 'overdrive' return.

by Rohit Sachdeva, DDS, MS

With Titanium Orthos, we experienced an 85% reduction in bond failures!

by David M. Sarver, DMD, MS

Titanium use has exploded in a variety of industries from sports to medicine due to its inherent strength, flexibility, durability, resistance to corrosion, and biocompatibility. Titanium has become the standard in golf driver faces, with its unique flex and precision return. But the unique stored energy properties of titanium extend far beyond the tee box.

These same attributes make it the material of choice for surgical implants and the ideal choice for orthodontics. Well-documented in archwires, the unique stored energy properties of titanium deliver sustained continuous forces.

The body of the Titanium Orthos bracket is designed to flex when activated with an archwire and to store up to 40% of the initial load and gently deliver the load throughout treatment.

Just as titanium works in titanium alloy archwires, titanium brackets and buccal tubes provide a far more predictable return and precise expression at unloading over an extended period of time versus stainless steel.

Experience the exciting benefits of Titanium Orthos for yourself.

Fit and Forget

Tooth-specific pad shapes and contours make Titanium Orthos brackets amazingly easy to place for more-accurate finishing and reduced mid-treatment repositioning. Titanium's chemical affinity to adhesives and superior shock absorbency deliver unmatched bond retention. Recent in-office studies have demonstrated significant reduction in bond failures. With Titanium Orthos, you simply fit and forget until the end of treatment, providing greater clinical and practice efficiency.

  • Tooth-shaped pads on every bracket for easy and consistent placement
  • Unmatched bond retention – up to 85% fewer bond failures