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The Ultimate Experience to Simplify Your Mechanics

  • Increased Performance
  • Reduced Chair Time
  • More comfortable and Healthier2 Oral Treatment

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Increased Performance with 3x the repositioning1

The Ultima Hooks are snap-fit hooks that also work as a stop.* They are the only repositionable1, clippable hook that can be used up to 3 times and the only hook designed for the Damon Ultima System archwire.*

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Ultima Hook with Bracket

Save Time & Reduce Chair Time*

Save time using the Ultima™ Hook, the only clippable hook that can be placed flush to the bracket to act as a stop and reduce appointment times for power chains and ligatures while maintaining anterior space closure.* Doctors can save time by simply sliding the Ultima hook into position with preplaced hooks on the Ultima archwires. The Ultima Hook positioning tool can be used to reposition1 the hook up to 3 times.*

Ultima Hook Archwires

More Comfortable and Healthier2 Oral Treatment*

Improve Hygiene

Improve Hygiene

The Ultima Hook’s ability to act as a stop can minimize the need for power chains or ligatures while maintaining anterior space closure.* Maintaining good hygiene is easier for the patient.

Improve Patient Comfort

Improve Patient Comfort

The Ultima Hook’s head is designed for comfort and minimal irritation.*

Ultima Hook is available for Damon Ultima archwires.

The Damon Ultima™ Difference

The Damon Ultima System is the first true full expression orthodontic system designed for faster* and more precise finishing. It is completely reengineered to virtually eliminate play* for precise control of rotation, angulation and torque*.

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Ultima Hook

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1 Using the Ultima™ Hook Repositioning Instrument.
2 When used as a stop. Data on file.
*Data on file.