Ultima™ Hook

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Where Performance Meets Efficiency

Ultima Hook with Bracket

The Only Repositionable Hook

The Ultima™ Hook is designed for orthodontists who value performance and efficiency while providing their patients with a premium experience including greater comfort.* The Ultima Hook gives doctors a preplaced repositionable* hook on an archwire that simply slides into place, saving time and costs.

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Performance by Design

Ultima Hook
  • Preplaced hooks on an archwire save time
  • Designed to be repositionable — up to three times*
  • The only hook designed for the Ultima wire
  • Strong enough to withstand the force applied by Ormco elastics and coil springs*
  • Made from NiTi, providing shape memory
  • Compatible with SS, TMA and CuNiTi-based archwire materials
  • Head designed to accommodate the smallest diameter of Ormco elastics, power chains and tie back modules

Simplified Treatment Procedure

The Ultima™ Hooks are snap-fit hooks preplaced on the archwire. This saves clinicians time as they simply slide along the wire with the Ultima Hook Repositioning Instrument into place. The only clippable hook that can be repositioned up to 3 times and the only hook designed for the Damon Ultima™ System archwire.

Ultima Hook Archwires

Easy and exact positioning with preplaced hooks on Ultima™ archwires saves time. Simply slide into place.

Ultima Hook Repositioning Instrument

The Ultima Hook Repositioning Instrument can be used to reposition the hook up to 3 times, reducing cost

The Ultima Hook Repositioning Instrument

  • Position and reposition the Ultima Hook intraorally with the repositioning instrument up to three times
  • The Ultima Hook Repositioning Instrument is autoclavable & dry heat sterilizable*
  • Simply insert the hook into the tool, squeeze to open and slide into position
The Ultima Hook Repositioning Instrument

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*Data on file. Repositionable when using the Ultima™ Hook Repositioning Instrument. MKT-22-0705