Meet The VectorTAS™ Team

A key philosophy in the development of VectorTAS was to design and build an orthodontic-specific implant system at the direction of a team of orthodontists with distinguished and varied clinical experience.

John Graham

VectorTAS is as much about the system as it is about the screw. Any company can provide a box of screws and a screwdriver; only Ormco empowers the orthodontist with confidence. VectorTAS provides all of the necessary design elements, attachments, and educational materials needed to help the busy orthodontist quickly implement and master temporary skeletal anchorage in their own practice. by John W. Graham, DDS, MD

Stephen Tracey

After evaluating virtually every miniscrew on the market and treating hundreds of cases with different temporary anchorage devices, I can honestly say that VectorTAS is the most effective and user-friendly temporary anchorage system available today. by Stephen Tracey, DDS, MS

Dr. Scheffler

The VectorTAS coordinated attachments are easy to place, comfortable for patients, and allow us to treat the most difficult cases with sound biomechanical principles. by Nicole Scheffler, DDS, MS

James Hilgers, DDS, MS

A team of engineers and orthodontists developed a highly effective and user friendly system that is, I believe, state-of-the-art. by James Hilgers, DDS, MS