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What is Spark™?

The Spark™ Clear Aligner System is manufactured by Ormco™, a global leader in innovative orthodontics products. Ormco has 60 years of orthodontics expertise, R&D and high manufacturing standards.

Spark Aligners offer the latest advancements in clear aligners and a better patient experience. Spark Approver 3D application and advanced clear aligner technology with TruGEN™ material are designed to meet the needs of orthodontists, providing more efficient and productive teeth movement, compared to the leading aligner brand.

Spark is designed to give orthodontists more control and flexibility for more predictable and efficient treatment planning, so that they can more easily achieve healthy, beautiful smiles.

What kind of cases are suitable for Spark™?

Spark™ is an innovative aligner system designed to treat a wide variety of Class I and II malocclusions.

What is the minimum age for patient treatment with Spark™?

Orthodontic treatment with Spark™ aligners has been tested on adult and teen patients, with optimal outcomes and treatment experiences.

How long does the patient need to wear the Spark™ aligners each day? For each aligner?

For effective and efficient patient treatment, a patient needs to wear Spark™ aligners for 22 hours a day during the 1-2-week period of treatment with each aligner. Ideally, the only time a patient would not wear their aligners is when eating or brushing.

What sets Spark™ apart from the leading competitor?

TruGEN™, the latest generation of aligner material, is designed to deliver a higher sustained force retention for maximum efficiency. The 3D Approver™ software allows doctors to visualize treatment designs from start to finish and view the root position used for treatment planning. The Approver™ software also provides more flexibility with:

  • Full control of aligner auxiliary placement on all teeth
  • Multiple treatment setups at submission
  • Software for both Mac and PC

Is Spark™ superior to the leading aligner brand in terms of efficacy or patient benefits?

Trusted by orthodontists worldwide, Spark is clearer, more comfortable and stains less, than the leading aligner brand.* Spark is loved by patients: 100 percent of Spark patients surveyed would recommend Spark clear aligners to a friend.*

Spark™ is made with TruGEN™, a proprietary branded material that is proven to have higher sustained force retention than the leading competitor. Because TruGEN™ is manufactured with polished, scalloped edges, Spark™ is designed to provide a more comfortable treatment experience. Additionally, patients may feel more confident during treatment, as TruGEN™ is designed to be clearer and have minimal aligner stains compared to the leading aligner material.

Contraindication: If a patient has active periodontal disease treatment with aligners should be avoided or delayed until the patient is free from symptoms of active periodontal disease.

Is Spark™ available in the U.S.?

Spark is now available in the U.S. and we are making significant investments in onboarding new Spark practices to deliver the experience a doctor would expect from Ormco, where the Orthodontist’s practice is our priority.

We encourage all doctors interested in Spark™ Clear Aligners to register to stay updated on the latest Spark™ news by registering at Due to our significant investment in the onboarding of each practice, we will be using a registration process to identify doctors who are interested in Spark™ Clear Aligners and want ongoing communication about our product and expansion in the market.

What role did orthodontists have in the development of Spark™?

Spark™ is designed to meet the needs of orthodontists. As such, we developed and piloted Spark™ with orthodontists worldwide (U.S., E.U. and Australia). Their input was invaluable to the development of our product, software and clinical studies.

Do you have case studies or patient testimonials for Spark™?

Yes, we have several Spark patient and doctor testimonials. Please visit to view these testimonials.The TruGEN™ aligner material is crystal clear and the software interface is amazing.

Dr. Stuart Frost**

Spark sets a new standard in clarity for aligners.

Dr. Jeffrey Heinz**

There are some features that I immediately loved about the Spark™ Approver™ Software, including viewing the occlusion at any stage. This allows me to see if there are going to be any interferences, which saves me time and helps me proactively plan the treatment for my patients.

Dr. Mike DePascale**

When we switched our existing aligner patients into Spark™ Clear Aligners they were ecstatic with how Spark™ was lighter, thinner and the clarity of the TruGEN™ material really stood out to them.

Dr. Bill Dischinger**

Where are Spark™ Clear Aligners made?

Spark™ Clear Aligners are currently manufactured in the U.S. with the global manufacturing plan for Spark being developed. Ormco has and is continually building manufacturing capabilities globally.

Where are your Spark™ design technicians located?

Spark has a global team of experienced and educated designers to help support our current Spark doctors. We will continue to expand this team of designers to provide the most efficient turn-around times.

What software is used with Spark™? What are its unique benefits? How is it different?

Spark’s 3D approver software offers proprietary features not previously available with clear aligner therapy and enhancements, including Posterior Bite Turbos, CBCT Integration and multiple treatment plans. The software allows doctors to visualize treatment designs from start to finish and also allows orthodontists to view the root position used for treatment planning. Built-in flexibility allows doctors to specify multiple setups at submission, add fully customizable features such as attachments, cutouts, hook and bite ramps.

What kind of training is required for doctors who want to use Spark™? Do you need to take a course?

All doctors who use Spark™ Clear Aligners will be properly onboarded on how to use our proprietary 3D Approver™ software and submit patient cases. No formal courses are required, and all onboarding is provided at no charge to the doctor.

Where can doctors get more information now?

We encourage all doctors interested in Spark™ Clear Aligners to request more information here.

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