Ormco Press Releases

Date Press Release
09-30-2014 Ormco Announces Opening Of Registration For The Forum 2015
09-24-2014 Ormco Offers One-Day Insignia Bootcamp Training Sessions
09-17-2014 Ormco™ Offering Exclusive Promotions and Demonstrations At Annual Fall Sessions Nationwide
09-09-2014 Former Damon™ System Patient Bethany Hamilton Competes On 'The Amazing Race'
08-07-2014 Ormco™ Passive Self-Ligation Treatment Mechanics Seminars Open for Registration
08-04-2014 Damon™ Smile Congratulates Endorser and Past Patient Bethany Hamilton on Nickelodeon™ Kids’ Choice Sports Award Win
07-28-2014 Dental Tribune, 2014 DOCtalk Registration Now Open
07-23-2014 2014 Doctalk Registration Now Open
07-18-2014 Orthodontic Practice US, 2014 DOCtalk Registration Now Open
07-17-2014 Orthodontic Practice US, Treating Completely Blocked Canines and Full Step Class II Malocclusion
07-17-2014 Orthodontic Products, 2014 DOCtalk Registration Now Open
07-07-2014 Orthodontic Products, Clinical Pearls: AdvanSync 2 for Class II Dental and Skeletal Malocclusions
07-03-2014 Orthodontic Products, Make a Digital Impression
07-02-2014 Dental Tribune, Ormco Custom: It’s All About Profitability
06-30-2014 Orthotown, Ormco Unveils Digital Suite, $20,000 Prize Opportunity
06-10-2014 Orthodontic Products, The Rewards Program Choice
06-2014 Orthotown, AAO Showcase
05-27-2014 Orthodontic Products, Ormco Launching Lythos Roadshow
05-22-2014 Orthodontic Practice US, Ormco Custom
05-21-2014 Orthodontic Practice US, Ormco™ Corporation — Corporate Profile
05-19-2014 ADANews.com, Ormco Raises Money for Orthodontic Foundation
05-08-2014 Orthodontic Products, Clinical Pearls: Using Insignia Advanced Smile Design to Address Molar Torque
05-2014 Orthotown, Arch Development: Clear Fixed Appliance vs. Aligner Treatment
04-28-2014 Ortho Tribune, At AAO Meeting, Ormco Conducts A Debate For The Ages
04-15-2014 Orthotown, American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session: Exclusive Sneak Peak
04-04-2014 Ortho Tribune, Ormco Introduces Digital Suite, Plans 'Debates' At AAO Meeting
04-03-2014 Orthodontic Practice, Ormco Corporation Advances Digital Orthodontics With Introduction Of Ormco™ Custom
04-02-2014 Orthodontic Products, Ormco Launches Ormco Custom Digital Suite
04-01-2014 DentalCompare, New Dental Product: Ormco Custom Digital Orthodontic Suite
04-01-2014 DrBicuspid.com, Ormco Launches Ormco Custom Digital Case Package
03-31-2014 Ormco™ Corporation Advances Digital Orthodontics With Introduction Of Ormco™ Custom
03-10-2014 Ormco Wins A 2014 Stevie® Awards For Sales & Customer Service℠
02-24-2014 Insignia™ Ai Now Available For Download
02-12-2014 Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™ Consumer Website Wins Gold Web Health Award℠
02-10-2014 Lythos™ Digital Impression System Earns 2013 GOOD DESIGN™ Award
02-06-2014 Ormco Wins Big In 2013 Ortho Townie Choice Awards®
02-03-2014 Ormco Launches Love Your Lythos Campaign
01-21-2014 Ormco Corporation Introduces Insignia™ Ai
01-16-2014 Ormco Corporation Unveils Damon™ Clear2 At The 2014 Damon Forum
01-16-2014 Ormco Corporation Introduces Damon™ Custom: World's First Built-To-Order Custom Bracket
01-06-2014 Ormco Corporation unveils its strategy to be the market leader in digital orthodontic technology
Date Press Release
12-19-2013 Ormco Corporation Files Appeal To The Federal Court Against Ortho Classic H4 Bracket Patent Infringement
12-18-2013 Lythos™ Digital Impression System Named 2013 Best In Biz Award Winner
10-15-2013 Ormco Corporation Opens Registration For 13TH Annual Damon™ Forum
10-10-2013 Damon™ Smile Braces Website Wins W3 Silver Award For Creative Excellence
10-09-2013 Ormco Releases Online Toolkit To Help Clinicians Celebrate National Orthodontic Health Month
08-20-2013 Ormco Releases 'Never Too Late' Infographic To Help Orthodontic Practices Capture Adult Patients
07-22-2013 Ormco Announces Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™ Software Update
09-24-2013 Ormco Corporation reaches sales milestone of Lythos™ Digital Impression Systems
08-25-2013 Dr. Craig Andreiko, Noted Innovator and Educator, Dies at 63.
07-15-2013 Ormco Corporation's Damon Doctor Locator Wins Silver Web Health Award℠.
06-21-2013 Ormco's Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™ Wins American Technology Award in Health & Medical Technologies Category
05-15-2013 Ormco Unveils 'Damon® Smile' As the New Consumer Identity for the Damon® System
03-25-2013 Ormco Corporation's Annual Damon Forum Fundraiser Raises $100,000 for the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation
02-13-2013 Ormco Corporation Transforms Loyalty Rewards Program into Lifetime Rewards
02-13-2013 Ormco Corporation Launches Enhanced Damon Doctor Locator
01-28-2013 Ormco Corporation to Host Third Annual Smile for a Lifetime Fundraiser At Its 2013 Damon Forum
01-14-2013 Ormco Provides Tips to Help Orthodontists Grow Their Practices