Ormco Corporation Introduces Insignia™ Clearguide™ Express Aligners

Virtually-Invisible Orthodontic Treatment Leverages Enhanced Diagnostic Tool, Insignia™ with High-Quality Aligner Experience from AOA

ORANGE, Calif. (Jan. 23, 2012)—Ormco Corporation, a leading manufacturer and provider of advanced orthodontic technology and services, today announced the launch of Insignia™ Clearguide™ Express, a new line of affordable orthodontic aligners that meet orthodontists' needs to improve the health and beauty of patients' smiles with precision, speed and high-quality care. The solution, an effective treatment for patients requiring minor anterior tooth movements, leverages the combined expertise of Ormco and AOA, the lab appliance division of Ormco Corporation. With Insignia Clearguide Express, clinicians have full control of patients' smile design for exact anterior tooth movement using clear, aesthetically pleasing aligners.

Insignia Clearguide Express is initiated through the use of Insignia, Ormco's 3-D interactive smile design software. Orthodontists' custom-design the patient's final smile with the Insignia software, taking into consideration unique facial features and their own treatment preferences. The resulting Clearguide Express aligners are tailor-made by experienced AOA technicians to efficiently produce predictable finishes. The high-technology solution provides patients with a 3-D video morph of their final smile which can be viewed before starting treatment, increasing patient confidence and understanding of the orthodontic process.

To ensure proper progression of tooth movement, Insignia Clearguide Express aligner sets are designed throughout the course of the treatment instead of up front as with traditional aligner systems. Insignia Clearguide Express utilizes Heat N Bite technology as a self-checking mechanism, which evaluates progress at selected treatment intervals. Subsequent sets of aligners are custom-crafted to achieve remaining treatment goals assuring the patient stays on course to achieving their optimal results. Heat N Bite self-check prevents the need for new impressions and case design after the original treatment to get the case back on track—a costly set back.

"We're excited to be working with Ormco and synergizing our strengths to introduce this new line of orthodontic aligners to the market. With Insignia Clearguide Express the orthodontist has unprecedented control to manipulate patient cases and design the ideal smile with precise positioning," said John Dargis, general manager at AOA. "Insignia technology coupled with the innovative Heat N Bite self-check mechanism allows orthodontists to meet today's patient requirements and provide predictable outcomes every time."

Today's orthodontic patients desire quick, comfortable and unobtrusive treatment solutions for the prefect smile. Clearguide Express expands orthodontists' offerings to meet patient demands with clear aligners that have no visible manufacturing striations and won't discolor over the wear period. Each Insignia Clearguide Express tray garners up to 2.5mm of movement per tooth over a succession of up to 10 aligner sets or less.

"The system allows me to fine-tune the occlusion with a gyroscope of tooth movements. The customization of Insignia's advanced software solution provides an added level of control to help create the best possible smile for each patient," said Dr. Barry Rosenberg, orthodontist. "Insignia Clearguide Express is a great option for adult patients looking for an alternative to braces to quickly transform their smiles."

The Clearguide Express aligners are now shipping in the United States. Media interested in speaking with an AOA/Ormco spokesperson should contact Robin Dwyer at 619-234-0345 or ormco@formulapr.com. Connect on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/InsigniaSmile, or Twitter at @Ormco.

About AOA

For more than 35 years, AOA has set the standard in providing the industry with a full range of custom-crafted appliances essential to the success of their practices. With arch development appliances; Red, White and Blue aligners; Simpli5 and the STb™ Light Lingual System the AOA is the "go-to" choice for appliances that provide consistent, predictable long-term results. AOA is the lab appliance arm of Ormco Corporation, a subsidiary of Sybron Dental Specialties, Inc. For more information, visit AOA's website.

About Ormco

For more than 50 years, Ormco Corporation has provided innovative products and services that help orthodontists deliver exceptional clinical results in the least amount of time and with the greatest patient comfort. Among the company's many innovations are a number of notable "firsts," including direct bonding, rhomboid and computer-aided design (CAD) brackets, Copper Ni-Ti® wires, TMA™ beta titanium wires, and Damon® Clear™, the most aesthetic passive self-ligating bracket on the market. The company also is a pioneer in 3-D digital orthodontics with Insignia™ advanced smile design, an integrated system of customized appliances and software. Ormco is a subsidiary of Sybron Dental Specialties, Inc., a leading manufacturer of a broad range of value-added products for the dental profession, including the specialty markets of orthodontics, endodontics and implantology, and a variety of infection prevention products for use by the medical profession. For more information, visit the Ormco and Insignia websites.

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