Ormco Announces Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™ Software Update

New Insignia 21.7 Software Available for Download Offers Enhanced Case Design Features and Clear Precision Placement Guides

ORANGE, Calif. (July 22, 2013)Ormco Corporation, a leading manufacturer and provider of advanced orthodontic technology and services, today announced a robust software update for Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™—an orthodontic software and application system that combines 3-D diagnostic technology and interactive treatment planning to deliver a completely customized solution. The Insignia 21.7 software, offering enhancements for case design, is now available for download and provides orthodontists with more options for treatment submissions. With the latest software updates, orthodontic practices using Insignia will benefit from a streamlined process that allows for greater detail to be documented and shared, and new clear precision placement guides to increase overall practice efficiency and treatment effectiveness.

The upgrade includes new clear precision placement guides (jigs) that are manufactured to fit like a puzzle piece into each patient's unique occlusal anatomy for a more comfortable bonding experience for patients and doctors. The jigs allow clinicians to view the exact bracket placement before light curing and the ability to conduct light curing from any direction. To further simplify the process, the jigs have a Palmer notation inscribed onto the occlusal surface and the segments are color coded with an identification dot to indicate the appropriate quadrant.

"We've continued to develop our award-winning Insignia technology to offer orthodontists unmatched functionality for increased practice efficiency and the ability to deliver precise patient results," said Vicente Reynal, president of Ormco. "With new clear placement guides and software changes that provide an intuitive experience, we're able to provide orthodontists with a more tailored case submission process and increased product compatibility."

The Insignia 21.7 software update includes the ability to enter patients' bonding date up front and the freedom to upload images that can be rotated, cropped and have descriptions added. The download includes DigiCast—a digital e-model designed to replace stone models—and provides model access via the Insignia approver software to help eliminate storage space and monthly fees. Additionally, the update includes compatibility with Damon® Clear™ 3-3 for the lower arch, and if utilizing the ™ Digital Impression System, scans can be viewed, downloaded and used for placing orders through ormcodigital.com. Damon Clear lower orders will be available in Canada, Mexico and Argentina later this year.

With the new Insignia 21.7 software, the platform is now available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Polish, and Russian.

Media interested in speaking with an Ormco spokesperson should contact Robin Dwyer at 619-234-0345 or ormco@formulapr.com. Connect on Facebook at www.facebook.com/InsigniaSmile, or Twitter at @Ormco.

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For over 50 years, Ormco has partnered with the orthodontic community to manufacture innovative products and solutions to enhance the lives of our customers and their patients. Distinguished products range from legacy twin brackets Titanium Orthos™ and Mini-Twin™ to self-ligating appliances with the Damon® System and active Prodigy™ SL. Ormco's Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™ provides an all-inclusive solution with customized brackets, wires and placement trays for increased clinical efficiency. From personalized service to worldwide continuing education programs and marketing support, Ormco is committed to helping orthodontists achieve their clinical and practice management objectives. For more information, visit the Ormco website.

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