Alias Lingual Straightwire


Self-Ligating Square Slot Bracket

  • The Alias lingual bracket system features rounded contours and a low-profile design.
  • 80 gauge mesh provides is designed to provide mechanical retention.
  • Square slot is designed to maximize torque and rotational control.
Alias Bracket

Designed with Drs. Kyoto Takemoto and Giuseppe Scuzzo

Dr. Kyoto Takemoto

Dr. Kyoto Takemoto graduated in 1979 from the Tokyo Dental College, with his specialty in Orthodontics in 1981 from Tokyo Medical-Dental University. As an EBO and WBLO diplomate, Dr. Takemoto is a world leader in lingual orthodontics, an active principle in multiple global lingual orthodontic societies and was the former president and the founding director of the World Board of Lingual Orthodontics and World Society of Lingual Orthodontics. He holds numerous global patents in lingual orthodontics and has pioneered the advancement of the Lingual Straight Wire method. In addition to his renowned research and teaching, Dr. Takemoto has a private practice in Japan, where he practices lingual orthodontics exclusively.

Dr. Giuseppe Scuzzo

Dr. Giuseppe Scuzzo graduated in medicine in 1983 from Rome University, specialized in dentistry in 1987, (Rome University,) and orthodontics at Ferrara University. He is adjunct professor in the lingual technique at Ferrara University and Compultense University, Madrid. Also an EBO and WBLO diplomate, Dr. Scuzzo holds several lingual bracket patents and was former president and founding director of the World Board of Lingual Orthodontics and the World Society of Lingual Orthodontics. Drs. Scuzzo and Takemoto have authored three international books on lingual orthodontics that have been translated into six languages for worldwide use. In addition to directing multiple international lingual programs, Dr. Scuzzo has a private practice limited to lingual orthodontics in Rome, Italy.

Alias™ Lingual Straightwire
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Alias™ Lingual Straightwire
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