Dr. Recommended: #1 Clear Aligners Brand


Dr. Trevor Nichols and Dr. Michael DePascale

Year of the Smile with Spark Clear Aligners! Spark was once again featured on TV and online at Arizona Midday and CT Style, endorsed by two top local orthodontists: Dr. Trevor Nichols and Dr. Michael DePascale.*

Arizona Midday with Dr. Trevor Nichols

“As orthodontists, we have the opportunity to transform patients’ lives […] by giving them a smile which they love”, Dr. Trevor Nichols mentioned. “[And] when we go over the benefits of a clear aligner treatment, for most patients it’s a no-brainer.”

The top local orthodontist went over the benefits of clear aligner treatments, highlighting how Spark is more clear, more comfortable and requires fewer office visits: “there are a lot of benefits of clear aligners”. Firstly, “they are nearly invisible”. Secondly, “patients can easily remove the trays, which allows for easier hygiene […], easier eating [and] without brackets and the wires to irritate the lips [it’s] more comfortable”. Finally, “[clear aligner treatments] allow us to see the patient less frequently, less office visits [which is an] unique solution to keep our patients happier and healthier during this time.”

“Thankfully, I was one of the few doctors chosen in the United States to start this process up, and our patients have been so ecstatic about the results”, Dr. Nichols proceeded, “I recommend Spark Aligners treatment [which is] a new revolutionary product to the market that’s backed by more than 60 years of industry-leading technology.”

The orthodontist goes on to explain how traditionally aligners were used in mild cases, but “now we can treat a variety of complex cases and obtain amazing results using [Spark Aligners,] a revolutionary clear aligner system [with the] the ability to provide the patient an exceptional result.”

Lastly, Dr. Nichols talks about the benefits of Spark in comparison to other aligner brands: “The Spark Aligners brand provides a different technology that’s new to the market. [TruGEN] has been rigorously tested through scientific trials […] it is more effective and efficient at moving teeth, which means that we get a better result in less time […] it’s stain-resistant [and] it’s more clear. If you drink coffee or red wine, it’s not going to stain.”

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CT Style with Dr. Michael DePascale

The top local orthodontist explained the advantages of a doctor-director treatment: “if it’s doctor-directed, we design the treatment on a computer, and every single detail […] is customized”. He also mentioned that “for anyone who’s interested in an orthodontist treatment with clear aligners, I recommend Spark […] the most clear, the most comfortable and the most effective aligner out there” and that “I had a lot of experience [with Spark] and it has been unanimously positive for me and for my patients”.

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*Dr. Trevor Nichols and Dr. Michael DePascale are paid consultants for Ormco. The opinions that are quoted in this material are those of the doctors. Clinicians should use their own judgment in treating their patients.