Mini Diamond™  VS Brackets

The Mini Diamond VS slot is a bracket designed with a vertical slot to allow the placement of auxiliaries.


  • .018 x .018 vertical slot
  • Low profile design
  • Hemi Hooks and permanent ID marking system
  • Made with 17-4 stainless steel

Mini Diamond Marking System

Mini Diamond VS Marking System


  • Open dimple (o) = Maxillary
  • Red dimple (•) = Mandibular
  • On Mini Diamond or other angulated assemblies, the dimple is on the distogingival tie-wing (twin) or gingival tie-wing (single).
  • On non-angulated assemblies, dimples can be on either gingival tie-wing.
  • On lower bicuspids, where torques differ, the 2nd bicuspids have dimples on both gingival tie-wings.
  • The lower cuspids and bicuspids also feature a scribe line on the occlusal tie-wings.

Product Information

Please find the Product Configuration File and Listings for Mini Diamond below.

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