Even greater flexibility and control to achieve stellar outcomes and more comfort for patients — now including teens and kids!

  • Mixed dentition support
  • Enhanced beveled attachments
  • Improved bite ramps
  • Downloadable STL Files

Spark Clear Aligners

Now Available for Kids and Teens

The Approver Software now allows doctors to treat younger patients (kids and teens) with mixed dentition, including providing eruption guides for semi-erupted teeth and numbering primary teeth. This is a significant step to creating a Phase I/Phase II aligner approach to cases. Not only will Approver software enable doctors to better treat interceptive cases, eruption guides will help control the eruption of the permanent dentition.*

Clinical Enhancements

Anatomical Beveled Attachments

Spark has introduced anatomical beveled attachments that conform to the surface of each tooth to provide a more uniform active attachment surface and to minimize sharp edges for patient comfort as part of Spark™ Clear Aligners Release 11.*

“This just enhances the product’s appeal to the patient. You already have the best performing plastic, clearest plastic, most stain resistant plastic, and more comfortable edges on the market. Now, with this, you’ve enhanced the attachment comfort - you have the whole package,” says Dr. Bill Dischinger.**

According to Dr. Nicole Scheffler, “the larger and now more rounded beveled attachments perform much better than the leading aligner brands optimized attachments.”**

Redesigned Bite Ramps

Enhanced engagement between the bite ramps and the teeth and enable doctors to customize bite ramps for each specific tooth (incisors, canines, premolars) so that the active surface is oriented parallel to the occlusal plane. The new bite ramps have been lab tested for strength and durability.

“Deep bite cases are known for their difficulty. Paralleled bite ramps will offer more predictable intrusive movement as they direct the force down the long axis of the tooth and will create less undesired tipping and friction points within the aligner leading to more efficient and predictable intrusion,” according to Dr. Trevor Nichols.**

Downloadable STL Files

STL files of the first three stages and the last stage are now available for doctors to download from the Spark portal.

“The last stage STL allows the doctor to have final models to use for retention for years to come. This represents Sparks commitment to provide flexible innovations for in-office solutions,” said Dr. Trevor Nichols.**

Approver Software Updates

Spark Release 11 Approver Software enhancements also give doctors greater control through key insights on treating cases with precision and predictability.

Continued Evolution Of CBCT Integration Based On Doctor Input.

Spark Approver now features several new improvements for more seamless and effective integration of CBCT data for Spark. Additional diagnostic tools include a 2D clipping plane feature multiple views, new tooth identification options and enhanced CBCT performance and visual rendering.

An Enhanced Tooth Movement Table

Now includes both crown and root movement values, as well as the addition of both tip and torque movement for intermediate and challenging movement.

User Interface Improvements

Based on doctor input, the Approver Software now includes a new preset for overjet, a new panel docking/undocking feature, redesigned and more friendly menu options, and simpler dialog boxes.

Case Management Updates

Case management enhancements make it easier to manage Spark cases.

New Packaging Improvements

Require less storage by including more aligners per box and reduce packaging waste. The introduction of connected aligner bags and Spark packaging inserts will help ensure that bags aligners remain in order.

More Efficient Workflow Through Staff Accounts

More efficient workflow allows orthodontic team members the ability to submit and manage Spark Aligner patients through the Spark Portal and Approver software. Support for multiple billing addresses for practices that have multiple offices will be available in August 2021.

For more information on the Spark Aligner product and software enhancements, please visit

“Not only will the uniform active attachments provide superior comfort to patients, but they will also be simpler to place, have better retention, and deliver a more uniform push point for extrusive movements, especially when creating the smile arc.”**
- Dr. Trevor Nichols
“Spark already has the best performing, clearest, most stain resistant material, and the most comfortable edges on the market. Now, if you enhance the attachment comfort, you have the whole package, a true 5 tool player.”**
—Dr. Bill Dischinger
“This release is a massive step in creating a Phase I/Phase II aligner approach to our cases. Not only will Approver software enable us to better treat our interceptive cases, eruption guides will allow us to control the eruption of the permanent dentition.”**
—Dr. Trevor Nichols
“The larger and now more rounded beveled attachments perform much better than the leading aligner brands optimized attachments.”**
—Dr. Nicole Scheffler

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**Dr. Bill Dischinger, Dr. Trevor Nichols and Dr. Nicole Scheffler are paid consultants of Ormco. The opinions expressed are those of Drs. Dischinger, Nichols and Scheffler.

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