Designed for Even More Control and Flexibility

Grounded on Ormco’s firm commitment to the orthodontic practice, Spark™ Aligners’ Release 12 introduces industry-leading innovations designed to give orthodontists even greater control and flexibility.

Learn more about how you can achieve stellar clinical outcomes and enhance your practice efficiency.

Root Visualization

Taking Treatment Planning & Diagnosis to a Higher Level

CBCT Root Visualization

82% of Spark doctors agree that root visualization is a key factor to ensuring predictable tooth movement.** With Release 12, Spark continues to deliver compelling root visualization innovation.


  • Spark doctors can now submit CBCT scans (DICOM files) to be used by the Spark team to adjust the position, size and shape of the roots in the Spark Approver software to match the patient’s actual root anatomy*
  • Doctors can easily import CBCT scans directly into the Approver Software from the website with the “Download DICOM” option, and Approver will remember the recent location of the CBCT with the “Open Recent” option, for easier import.*

New CBCT Presets

Designed to deliver more comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning, R12 introduces three new CBCT presets: Skin, Translucent Skin, & Bone & Soft Tissue.*

“I realized that having the amazing feature of having roots and CBCT integration with Spark, I can do treatment on ANOTHER LEVEL. I feel good knowing that I am doing something that not only looks good but that is periodontically stable and functional over time.”
—Dr. El Zoghbi*†

TruGen XR is Now Available for Spark 10 and 20

As part of Spark Aligners’ commitment to giving doctors control and flexibility, doctors are now able to choose between TruGEN or TruGEN XR material for primary cases of Spark 10 and Spark 20.*

TruGEN and TruGEN XR both have more sustained force retention, superior stain resistance and clarity and better contact surface area with the tooth vs. the leading aligner brand.* With this new release, TruGEN XR is now available for Spark 10 and 20.*

Since TruGEN XR is slightly more rigid than TruGEN it is an ideal solution for finishing, refinements and limited stage cases.*

“In treating my patients with Spark, I appreciate the option to start treatment with the more flexible TruGEN material and transition during refinements to TruGEN XR. The slightly more rigid properties of TruGEN XR allows more predictable expression of minor movements and helps me to efficiently finish the case.”
—Dr. Diego Peydro*†

“Using TruGEN XR in our practice has dramatically increased case efficiency by reducing refinements and idealizing patient finishing occlusion.”
—Dr. Trevor Nichols*†

Clinical Enhancements

Giving Doctors More Flexibility to Treat a Variety of Malocclusions

Expanded Posterior Bite Turbos

Posterior Bite Turbos, which are currently available on molars for treatment planning of complex cases, are now available on the premolars. This enhancement will assist with molar intrusion for the correction of anterior open bite, correction of crossbite, or any other clinical condition that requires bite opening in the posterior during treatment. Spark’s Posterior Bite Turbos are rigorously tested.

Posterior Bite Turbos were designed exclusively for use with Spark Aligners.*

“The posterior bite turbos are just one of the many advancements Spark has made to help orthodontists and patients reach their goals. I like to keep things simple, and they have helped me easily and efficiently correct both anterior open bites and crossbites without any additional procedures beyond the aligners!”
—Dr. Mike DePascale*†

Bite Ramps Enhancements

Bite ramps will be repositioned automatically as treatment progresses to enhance engagement between the bite ramps and teeth throughout the entire course of treatment.*

“Class II deep bite cases have always been some of the hardest cases to treat with clear aligners due to intrusive biting forces on the molars. Now with Spark's automatically repositioned bite ramp enhancements, opening deep bites is so much easier and more predictable as intrusive biting forces are directed on the incisors rather than the molars regardless of the overjet and overbite.”
—Dr. Nicole Scheffler*†

Spark Approver & Website Enhancements

For Improved Communication & Operational Efficiency

Spark understands that an efficient workflow is critical to practice success. This is why Spark is constantly seeking ways to make it easy for doctors and their practice staff to use our software and website and to communicate with our treatment planning team. With R12, we’re introducing several enhancements to improve doctor communication as well as the case submission and treatment process.

View Capture Notes

With R12, doctors are now able to capture and send specific views of the 3D model in Approver along with their notes to help with more efficient communication between doctor and designer.*

Private Doctor Notes

Doctors are now able to enter and save private case notes within Approver. These notes can be used to put in treatment review reminders for more efficient workflow for doctor and orthodontic staff.*

New Support for Scanned Appliances

With R12, Approver will display scanned appliances including existing attachments, buttons, fixed retainers and brackets. Scanned appliances will now be displayed in the treatment PDF making it simple to distinguish between existing and new attachments during bonding and help with overall office workflow. Spark also will now offer the option to virtually remove fixed appliances, brackets, and lingual retainers during case submission. Plus, downloadable retainer STL files now automatically have all existing attachments removed to aid with in-office solution.*

  • Approver Software Performance Improvement: R12 will deliver more seamless performance and responsiveness in the movements of the 3D model. Improved velocity of the 3D model rotation is designed to allow doctors to work more efficiently.*
  • Redesigned Auxiliaries Panel: R12 introduces a simplified design to allow doctors to easily add different auxiliaries and change options according to their desired treatment plan.
  • New Approver Feature — Calls Out Potential Issues with Attachments: Spark Approver now provides detailed information when it detects any potential issues with attachment collisions or proximity issues with the trimline. The attachments are colored orange to indicate potential issue. This alert will be displayed in the Attachments Properties panel. This helps the doctor to better understand what is required when there are potential collisions or trimlines issues with the aligners and features.*

“Spark already utilizes the best approver software on the market. And the software team continues to make it even better. They constantly are bringing in new enhancements and upgrades to make the user experience even better. It’s hard to improve on the best, but somehow they continue to find ways.”
—Dr. Bill Dischinger*†

  • Additional Approver Enhancements:
    • Attachment type can be changed but keeps other options to help make attachment updates more efficient*
    • Doctors will be able to directly increase or decrease the values in the Tooth Movement Table during treatment, providing more flexibility for the doctor.*
    • New “Reset Actions” panel allows doctors to easily choose between:*
      • Undo ALL changes.
      • Delete all or some auxiliaries from one or both arches.
      • Delete tooth movements and staging from one or both arches.
    • New icon For Tilt and Cant included in the View Panel.*
    • Staging slider pegs with the Overlay feature ON are now prominently distinguished when overlapped allowing better control of the overlay feature.*
  • New Edit Patient Information Field: Doctors are now able to edit patient-related information directly on the Spark website. Doctors will be able to edit the patient information (anytime), photos (until approval) and scans after the case is submitted.*
  • Support for Multiple Billing Address: Doctors can add and select separate billing addresses for invoicing for each individual patient, providing added flexibility for doctors to manage the billing for multiple offices and locations.*
“I realized that having the amazing feature of having roots and CBCT integration with Spark, I can do treatment on ANOTHER LEVEL. I feel good knowing that I am doing something that not only looks good but doing something that is more periodontically stable and functional over time.”
—Dr. El Zoghbi*†
“Spark allows me to provide superior results to my patients. For the first time in clear aligner history, SPARK Approver now integrates with true CBCT. This is a hallmark in aligner treatment that will lead to increased accuracy, efficiency, and stellar clinical results.”
—Dr. Trevor Nichols*†
“Spark aligners are consistently outperforming any other aligner I have used in the past. More predictable tooth movements lead to less refinements and shorter treatment times. Spark as a company is very innovative, they will implement new ideas and possible improvements within days — it’s really great to see they are so committed to advancing what’s possible with clear aligner treatment.”
—Dr. John Warford*†
“I have been involved in many R&D discussion with the SPARK team, and I am constantly amazed at their dedication to the doctor’s needs and their continual push for innovation, clinical enhancements, product optimizations, and website enhancements.”
—Dr. Trevor Nichols*†
“Since I've been working with Spark, they have shown tremendous dedication and commitment to our profession, constantly innovating their product based on the feedback and goals of orthodontists. This has given me complete control and customization of the aligners to meet all of my patients' needs.”
—Dr. Mike DePascale*†
“Spark already utilizes the best approver software on the market. And the software team continues to make it even better. They constantly are bringing in new enhancements and upgrades to make the user experience even better. It’s hard to improve on the best, but somehow they continue to find ways.”
—Dr. Bill Dischinger*†

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*Data on file.
**Based on survey of 67 Spark doctors who have approved 100 or more Spark cases. Data on file.
*†Dr. Bill Dischinger, Dr. Trevor Nichols, Dr. Mike DePascale, Dr. El Zoghbi, Dr. Nicole Scheffler, Dr. Diego Peydro and Dr. John Warford are paid consultants of Ormco. The opinions expressed are those of Drs. Dischinger, Nichols, DePascale, El Zoghbi, Scheffler, Peydro and Warford. Ormco is a medical device manufacturer and does not dispense medical advice. Clinicians should use their own professional judgment in treating their patients.