STb™ Light Lingual Bracket System

The STb Lingual Bracket System is designed for light-force mechanics. 

The STb Light Lingual System represents an orthodontic intervention employing lingual brackets to address dental misalignments. Differing from conventional braces, these brackets are discreetly positioned on the rear surfaces of the teeth, rendering them less noticeable. 

They are specifically engineered to prioritize patient comfort. Notably, the brackets boast a petite profile of merely 1.5 mm in width.

  • Designed for patient comfort to minimize impact on speech.
  • Discreet, aesthetic option.
  • In most cases, a full TARG or CLASS setup is not required.

Order Information

Order information for STb Light Lingual System

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Just one call to AOA at 800.262.5221 gets you started. Send in your PVS impressions, and you'll receive transfer tray(s), brackets and wires in one complete package. AOA carries a full inventory of STb brackets and wires.

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