Straightwire Simplified

A bracket system designed to help reduce the common challenges of everyday treatment

  • 17-4 Stainless Steel
  • Coordinated archwires
  • Tooth-shaped pads

Compensation is cut into the slot of the lower cuspid brackets to help in reduce the profile of the lower anterior brackets

Coordinated Archwire System

Orthos Coordinated Archwire System

Orthos Bracket/Wire System 

 The Orthos arch form comes in a full complement of sizes, alloys and configurations to treat your cases.

Orthos* Marking System

Orthos Marking System
  • All brackets are color-coded by quadrant.
    • Upper right—Blue.
    • Upper left—Black.
    • Lower right—Red.
    • Lower left—Yellow.
  • The dimple or paint mark is on the distogingival tie-wing unless otherwise noted.
  • Upper and lower 2nd bicuspids have dimples/paint on both gingival tie-wings.
  • Upper centrals are wider than upper laterals.
  • The lower laterals, cuspids and bicuspids also feature a scribe line on the occlusal tie-wing.
  • Because of the specificity of the Orthos appliance, there are no universal brackets.
  • Orthos lower laterals with CIS have a permanent I.D. dot on the distogingival tie-wing, with the appropriate color.

To achieve the proper expression of the Orthos appliance, all brackets should be placed at the following heights (based on the average patient).

Product Information

Please find the Product Configuration File and Listings for Orthos® below.

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