Damon System

From Ormco, the Damon System is a consumer branding approach to help you better connect with patients and capitalize on their growing demand for faster, aesthetically-pleasing orthodontic treatment that delivers remarkable results and a new, beautiful smile.

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Damon Education

In-Office Courses

In-Office Courses

For doctors and staff, these two-day courses feature both lecture modules and hands-on clinical experiences.

Date Event Speaker(s) Location Event Info
Jun 20-31 Insignia Global Users Meeting John Doe New York, NY

Fundamental Courses

These seminars begins with the fundamentals in mind and moves deeper into key benefits of passive self-ligation treatment mechanics. By the end of this 1-day seminar you'll have the knowledge to treat your cases to a high-quality end result more efficiently, with fewer auxiliary appliances and greater patient comfort.

Date Event Speaker(s) Location Event Info
Jun 20-31 Insignia Global Users Meeting John Doe New York, NY
Damon Education

Global Events

Date Event Speaker(s) Location Event Info
Jun 20-31 Insignia Global Users Meeting John Doe New York, NY

Study Clubs

Find a Damon Study Club in your local area.

Location Leader Contact
Alabama Dr. Keith Harvey 251.479.9597
Atlanta, Georgia Dr. Jason Kaplan 770.458.5561
Chicago Drs. Scott Prose & David Allen 630.584.6555
Colorado Dr. Donna Ebert 970.490.6065
Dallas Dr. Michael Ragan 214.324.5437
Denver Dr. Casey Johnson 970.928.9500
Edmonton Dr. Terry Carlyle 780.435.3641
Florida Dr. Jim Morrish 941.746.2463
Georgia Dr. Jason Kaplan 770.458.5561
Houston Dr. Louis Anderson 281.578.0008
Illinois Dr. Scott Soderquist 815.725.4070
Indiana Dr. Joseph Gregg 812.882.7867
Kansas Dr. Andrew Young 913.491.3400
Lakewood, CO    
Louisiana Dr. Jim Fruge 225.292.6991
Maryland-DC Dr. Tom Horton 301.564.4464
Michigan Drs. Larry Spillane & Jamie Reynolds 248.344.8400
Mississippi Dr. James Hudson 256.383.8736
Montreal–E. Canada Dr. Louis Fronenberg 514.624.8888
New England Dr. Jim O'Leary 860.443.1827
New Jersey Dr. Frank Bogdan 201.436.0707
New Jersey–South Dr. Dan Bills 856.875.4600
Upstate New York Dr. David Muench 607.785.3005
Northern California TBD
North–South Carolina Dr. Mike Mayhew 828.264.0110
Ohio Northern Dr. Bob McElhinney 330.650.0880
Ohio–Cincinatti Dr. Kimberly Foushee 502.239.0013
Phoenix Dr. Stuart Frost 480.325.7500
Portland Dr. Brent May 541.265.9466
Salt Lake City Dr. Michael Richards 801.581.9300
San Antonio Dr. Brett Buckman 512.345.0311
Southern California TBD
Syracuse Dr. Tim McSweeney 518.561.4040
Tennessee Dr. Joe Gibson Jr. 423.581.4545
Toronto Dr. Joel Schacher 905.281.8200
Tulsa, Oklahoma Dr. Jon Cooper & Dr. Brenda Chockley 918.488.8889
Western PA Dr. Paul Shok 814.724.2952
Washington Dr. Mario Chorak 425.941.9706

Clinical Abstracts & Studies

View or print recent articles and third-party studies that document the proven clinical performance of the Damon System.

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Clinical Impressions Archive

Clinical Impressions documents and supports the latest advances in materials, appliance design and orthodontic treatment.

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System Mechanics

Find all the technical information, tools and more to aid you in using the Damon System to treat your patients and practice to a higher quality result.

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