The Mini-Twin brings a rhomboid design to a Straight-Wire appliance system. Thirty percent smaller than a standard Twin, the Mini-Twin is designed to give you the control you demand in an appliance that is more esthetic and comfortable for your patients.

  • Mini-Twin appliances feature Ultra-Lock high-retention pads on both upper and lower bicuspids, providing increased bonding surface and minimizing bond failure.
  • The vertical scribe line aligns precisely with the crown-long axis, simplifying accurate bracket placement. As is the case with all Straight-Wire Appliances, the archwire slot of Mini-Twin appliances is engineered to align with the horizontal axis of the tooth.
  • Mini-Twins are available in Andrews and Roth* prescriptions, and are fully interchangeable with any other Straight-Wire Appliance system. Options include hooks/no hooks, gingival offsets on bicuspids, super torque on upper anteriors and surgical sets.

Mini-Twin Marking System

Mini-Twin Marking System

Bracket ID illustration represents the Andrews prescription.

Each Mini-Twin bracket has a color ID system that is coordinated with the other A+ mesh products. The color ID is on the distogingival tie-wing, so that bracket identification is easy.

For added accuracy, the upper brackets have a cast dot ID and all brackets have cast letters in the saddle of the bracket identifying the tooth position.

Central Lateral Cuspid 1st Bicuspid 2nd Bicuspid
Upper Blue Pink Green Purple Purple
Andrews D/G dot, “A” D/G dot, “B” D/G dot, “C” D/G dot, “D” D/G dot, “D”
Roth* D/G dot, “X” D/G dot, “Y” D/G dot, “H” D/G dot, “J” D/G dot, “J”
Super Torque D/G dot, “L” D/G dot, “O” D/G dot, “N”
Surgical Set D/G dot, “S”
Lower Yellow Yellow Light Blue White Red
Andrews No mark No mark D/G dot,“C” D/G dot,“D” D/G dot, “E”
Roth No mark No mark D/G dot, “H” D/G dot, “J” D/G dot, “K”

* Does not imply endorsement by doctor.