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Lip and Cheek Retractor

Most conventional retractors provide either lip or cheek retraction and are uncomfortable to wear due to their high structural tension. OptiView is a progressive retractor that provides uniform lip and cheek retraction for greatly improved intra-oral access. OptiView conforms to the natural anatomy of the mouth and minimizes tension, providing continued comfort throughout lengthy procedures.

Lip and Cheek Retractor 1

Lip and Cheek Retractor 2

Lip and Cheek Retractor 3

Optiview Indications


Suitable for use in diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic dental applications and orthodontic procedures including intraoral photography, tooth preparation, impression taking, prophylaxis, bleaching and occlusal analysis.

Optimal retraction without additional hands or instruments.
  1. Anatomically shaped maxillary and mandibular lip cradles provide superior access to the buccal and gingival areas.
  2. Lip cradles include an opening for the frenulum to provide greater comfort.
  3. Cushioned lip supports position the lips an ample distance away from anterior teeth and gums.
  4. Latex free and autoclavable at 273°F/134°C (3 minutes).
  5. Autoclavable lip cushions can be removed from the frame to facilitate cleaning.
OptiView Retractor

OptiView™ Retractor

  • Uniform retraction maximizes intraoral access and visibility
  • Flexible 3-dimensional design ensures quick and gentle placement and removal
  • Responsive, self-retaining plastic supports unobstructed view without additional hands or instruments
  • Smooth lip cushions enhance patient comfort during long procedures
  • Dual-purpose functionality permits both lip and check retraction with one device