OrthoPulse: Light Accelerated Orthodontics

OrthoPulse® 2.0
Light Powered Orthodontic
Treatment Accelerator

Less Time. Less Discomfort.
More Happy Patients.

Light up your future – with faster orthodontic treatment!

Light Powered Treatment Acceleration

OrthoPulse® 2.0 applies gentle, low-intensity infrared technology and results in benefits like: 

  • Up to 50% faster treatment time1
  • Up to 73% reduction in pain2
Individual portrayed is a model.

Individual portrayed is a model.

Patented Light Technology is the OrthoPulse® Difference

Features OrthoPulse 2.0
No Vibrations
No Pressure
No Biting
Works with both Wire & Brackets & Aligners
Designed for Patient Comfort
OrthoPulse 2.0

Clinically-Proven Results in just 10 Minutes a Day 

OrthoPulse® is non-invasive and can easily be performed by patients
in the comfort of their home in just 10 minutes per day.

Malocclusion Case: Open Bite Braces

Malocclusion Case: Crowding Aligners

Patient Age 14 Malocclusion case: Open bite Braces 64% faster treatment | Patient Age 38 Malocclusion case: Crowding Aligners 80% faster treatment

*Actual patients. Images have not been altered.

Patients and Doctor’s Love OrthoPulse®

“OrthoPulse is a win for everyone. My patients love faster treatment times and less pain. My staff loves the simplicity and the online dashboard. And I love seeing the smiles on my patients as they get the smiles they deserve even faster. My patients share their great success stories with friends — OrthoPulse has really differentiated my business.”

Dr. Todd E. Dickerson

Dr. Todd E. Dickerson

My orthodontic patients love using OrthoPulse. I have used it as well! Not only am I able to complete even my complex aligner cases efficiently, but best of all, it decreases pain and increases patient comfort making treatment pain free and more comfortable.”

Dr. Bella Shen Garnett

Dr. Bella Shen Garnett

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1 Shaughnessy et al. Intraoral photobiomodulation-induced orthodontic tooth alignment: a preliminary study. BMC Oral Health, 2016. 16:3
2 Al-Okla N, Ferguson D et al. Pain perception of photobiomodulation treated and sham-controlled patients undergoing orthodontic treatment: JCO / February 2020, Volume LIV No.2

Dr. Dickerson is a paid consultant for Biolux Technology GmbH. Dr. Garnett is not a paid consultant for Ormco or Biolux Technology GmbH. The doctors' opinions are their own.

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