SmartArch Laser Engineered CuNiTi

Two Wires
Instead of Four

Introducing SmartArch,™ designed to allow clinicians to move into a finishing wire after just two archwires.

The patented laser treatment programs SmartArch to deliver the ideal force to each tooth.

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Fewer Wire Changes Ideal Force for Each Tooth

Efficient Molar Engagement
Designed to engage molars with the
1st archwire and provide more efficient
molar alignment.

7 Distinct Force Zones
Programed to deliver the ideal force
to each individual tooth and equalize
pressure along the PDL.

Reduced Friction
Laser processing reduces friction between
wire and bracket surfaces, promoting
overall treatment efficiency.

SmartArch Laser Engineered CuNiTi

Less Wire Disengagement
Increased posterior stiffness designed to
reduce likelihood of disengagement from
buccal tubes and may reduce associated
emergency appointments.

Computer Engineered
Engineered using finite-element-analysis, the
SmartArch design accounts for variations in
inter-bracket distance, root size, and the
root-to-crown relationship.

The Science Behind SmartArch

A patented, pulsating laser programs SmartArch™ to deliver forces closely matching Drs. Viecilli and Burstone’s established ideals. By applying ideal forces SmartArch™ promotes efficient tooth movement and may reduce overall treatment time.

SmartArch CuNiTi

SmartArch™ CuNiTi

Standard CuNiTi

Standard CuNiTi

Drs. Viecilli and Burstone’s Ideal Forces

Drs. Viecilli and Burstone’s Ideal Forces Diagram

Drs. Viecilli and Burstone utilized finite-element-analysis (FEA) to establish the ideal force load for each individual tooth.

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