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Clinical Studies
SmartArch: A New Paradigm in Orthodontics

Dr. Eugene Roberts

The new paradigm in orthodontics is an emphasis on precise bracket positioning to enable simultaneous 3D alignment of both arches with the 2-Step S-A sequence.

By Drs. Eugene Roberts, Jeffrey Roberts, Stephen Tracey, David Sarver, Journal of Digital Orthodontics November 2019

Based on recent clinical studies by Dr. W. Roberts et al, SmartArch is significantly more efficient than conventional CuNiTi archwires. With precise bracket positioning, SmartArch’s 2-step sequence enables the simultaneous 3D alignment of BOTH arches, helping to:

  • Reduce excessive treatment time due to PDL necrosis from frequent rewiring
  • Decrease chair-time, improve outcomes, and decrease treatment time at least 50%**

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Success Stories
Dr. Chris Cosse: Why I Enjoy These Wires*

Dr. Chris Cosse

Treatment Efficiency

“SmartArch allows us to use a wire that places optimal forces on the molars and the incisors at the same time. This allows for earlier posterior broadening and leveling than we are used to seeing in these early archwire stages.”

Better Patient Experience

“This not only creates more efficiency for my practice, but also less discomfort for my patient because the force values are ideal for each tooth. Think about that: less discomfort with faster movement.”

Practice Efficiency

“When you start adding up these perks over hundreds of patients, the benefits for the office as a whole are exponential. To me, one of the most exciting aspects of SmartArch is the realization that there is nothing additive to treatment that we need to build in—it’s all in the wire, and we’ve been using wires since day one.”

Case Studies
Drs. Sarver and Roberts*

Drs. Sarver and Roberts

12-Year-Old Patient with Class II Deep Bite Malocclusion

The significant observation in her case is how efficiently the bite was opened in 90 days with one continuous archwire. Smart-Arch delivered gentle and continuous forces that were preferred for optimal tooth movement and patient comfort.

12-Year-Old Patient with Severe Crowding

Significant changes had occurred 180 days after initial archwire placement and two archwires (Figures 11 and 12).

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What doctors are saying about SmartArch?

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* Disclaimer: The opinions expressed are those of Drs. Eugene Roberts et al, Dr. Chris Cosse, Dr. David Roberts. Ormco is a medical device manufacturer and does not dispense medical advice. Clinicians should use their own professional judgement in treating their patients.