Straight-Wire® Appliances

The Family Of A Proven Clinical System

When Dr. Larry Andrews coined the name “Straight-Wire” in 1970, he created what was to become perhaps the most commonly used phrase in contemporary orthodontics. Unfortunately, it has also become the most commonly misused phrase in contemporary orthodontics. Every manufacturer says that they have a “straight wire” appliance system, regardless of prescription or appliance specifications.

Straight-Wire® is a family of truly interchangeable, malocclusion-specific appliances that are designed to empower you to achieve your clinical goals as efficiently and effectively as possible. It is the only system founded in the principles first espoused by Dr. Andrews in his groundbreaking article, “The Six Keys to Normal (Optimal) Occlusion.” There is only one Straight-Wire. It’s the Straight-Wire System, available exclusively from Ormco.

Straight-Wire Appliances are all founded in the original principles of Dr. Andrews. That means that any A+ Straight-Wire Appliance is built upon three key Andrews principles: compound bracket contours, torque-in-base and level slot lineup. These design principles are interrelated and fundamental to the requirements of any Straight-Wire Appliance. And since all Straight-Wire Appliances share these principles, they are fully interchangeable.


Torque-In-Base is the key to uniformity of Straight-Wire bracket placement, ensuring high levels of predictability and accuracy in result. With every Straight-Wire Appliance, the center of the slot and the center of the base are always on the same plane for consistent and easy bracket placement.

Compound Contour

Compound Contour design mirrors both the mesiodistal and the occlusogingival anatomy of the middle third of every tooth’s clinical crown. This allows every Straight-Wire Appliance to fit snugly on the tooth for maximum efficiency. Compound contours greatly enhance accurate bracket placement on the center of the crown.

Level Slot Lineup is the end result of compound contours, torque-in-base and accurate bracket placement. The Straight-Wire Appliance is the only appliance that assures you that the slot of the bracket will always be parallel to the occlusal plane of the arch.

Fully Programmed SWA

Genuine Straight-Wire Appliance brackets are fully programmed so that each tooth’s bracket slot lines up horizontally with all others to eliminate the need for time-consuming wire bends.

Fully Programmed SWA

Partially Programmed Appliance

Even when attempts are made to align the slots of partially programmed brackets horizontally, the bracket heights vary from anterior to posterior, resulting in inconsistent and unpredictable torque and in/out compensation.

Partially Programmed Appliance