Simple System

VectorTAS is the only complete system that combines user-friendly protocols, products, packaging and mechanics to simplify your treatment and improve patient care.

  • Simple color-coded atlas guides proper miniscrew selection
  • Complete starter kit for one-stop shopping
  • Needle-free anesthesia for greater comfort and improved patient acceptance
Full View
Front View
Side View
Palatal View

VectorTAS Atlas

The proprietary VectorTAS Atlas eliminates guesswork by matching each color-coded miniscrew to its ideal anatomical and biomechanical implant site.

Color Recommended Implant Site
6mm Dacial Surface — Maxiliary/mandibular alveolar ridge (messial to cuspid), mandibular symphysis
8mm Facual & Lingual Surfaces — Maxiliary alveolar ridge (mesial to second molar)
10mm Retro Molar Area
12mm Infrazygomatic Crest
VectorTas Kit *Needle-free anesthetic delivery not included

VectorTAS Starter Kit

The most complete kit on the market, the VectorTAS Starter Kit contains everything you need to treat 10 cases*, including the patented VectorTAS Atlas.

VectorTAS Kit Contents:
  • Four 6mm pre-sterilized miniscrews (1.4mm dia.)
  • Ten 8mm pre-sterilized miniscrews (1.4mm dia.)
  • Two 10mm pre-sterilized miniscrews (2.0mm dia.)
  • Two 12mm pre-sterilized miniscrews (2.0mm dia.)
  • Modular Driver w/40mm tip and contra-head assembly w/22mm tip (PN 601-0007)
  • Gingiva-colored typodont w/one miniscrew; no braces (PN 717-1054)
  • Two tissue punches (disposable)
  • Two initiator tips
  • Six 5mm 150g single delta spring w/swivel
  • Six 10mm 150g single delta spring w/swivel
  • Six 5mm 150g double delta spring
  • Six 10mm 150g double delta spring
  • Six crimpable posts
  • Placement technique guide with color-coded atlas
  • Chairside protocol guide
The VectorTAS kit is extremely well thought out — from the color-coded screws down to the intuitive packaging. I'm elated over how easy this kit makes placing miniscrews…correctly by Dr. Stuart Frost
Syrijet Needle-Free Anesthetic

Syrijet Needle-Free Anesthetic

The Syrijet Mark II needle-less injector is a precision instrument that helps doctors anesthetize patient quickly and easily while eliminating unnecessary patient discomfort and needle apprehension. Developed by Mizzy, Inc., and available through Ormco, the Syrijet enables doctors to deliver reliable sub-topical anesthesia in all areas of the mouth to facilitate VectorTAS™ miniscrew placement.