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New Clinical Features Exclusively From Spark

New Clinical Features       
Exclusively From Spark

Spark continues to bring innovative solutions that are designed to give doctors more control and flexibility over treatment planning by introducing three new features.

Learn more and update your Class II and Class III options in your clinical preferences to start using these new features today.

Spark’s Integrated Hooks

The Innovative Alternative To Traditional Hooks Or Button Cutouts

Proven Durability

Spark’s Integrated Hooks can be utilized whenever elastics are needed in treatment, such as for Class II and Class III correction.

Built into the aligners, Spark's Integrated Hooks have proven durability throughout the entire course of treatment, even with the use of extra heavy weight elastics. Unlike traditional elastic cutouts which are known to be difficult for patients to insert the elastic and are prone to bending or breaking, Spark's Integrated Hooks are easy to insert and are not prone to bending or breaking.

Spark Aligners Integrated Hook and Elastic Durability

Flexibility & Control

Spark's Integrated Hooks are designed to be used whenever elastics are needed and accept the range of elastics that doctors regularly use with aligner treatment.

In addition to use for Class II and III correction, doctors can use the integrated hooks with TADS to aid with intrusion for gummy smile correction.

What Doctors Are Saying
About Integrated Hooks

“Integrated hooks on the aligners is a total game changer. One of the frustrations with aligners is the buttons we use to attach our elastics. They can cause aligners to not fit perfectly and more importantly are an adjunct that can debond and lead to extra appointments. Integrated hooks solve both of these issues. I will never bond a button on a clear aligner case again. This feature helps make Spark a superior product compared to other Clear Aligner brands in my opinion.”
Dr. Bill Dischinger*1
“The low-profile Integrated Hooks are the latest example of Spark’s dedication to clinical innovation. Although initially intended for use in Class II and Class III vectors, I found that adjusting their orientation vertically revolutionizes gummy smile and severe anterior open bite treatment with TADs and Clear Aligners.”
Dr. Jeff Alba*1
"Spark's integrated hooks are one of the single greatest aligner innovations the orthodontic industry has seen. One of the goals in my office is to make our patients' journey to a beautiful new smile a seamless, convenient, and simple process. Integrated hooks eliminate bonded metal buttons, which improves esthetics, helps the aligners fit better, and eliminates potential extra appointments for buttons coming off. These are going to improve the entire experience!"
Dr. Michael DePascale*1
“Spark’s integrated hooks have allowed me new options for treating my gummy smile cases! I can now use hooks on the trays for intrusion, and the patients love that we do not have to use buttons that take away from the esthetics and comfort of their case.”
Dr. Bill Dischinger*1

The TruRoot Feature Brings Root Visualization to a New Level

CBCT Integration

Spark™ continues to evolve CBCT integration with the TruRoot™ Feature. Designed to deliver more comprehensive root visualization and treatment planning, Spark doctors now have the option to replace the library roots in the Spark Approver Software with the patient’s actual root shape as captured in the CBCT scan.

At Spark Aligners we understand the importance of root visualization in diagnostics and treatment planning. The new TruRoot Feature is a continuation of our innovation in CBCT integration introduced in 2020 as a result of our strong association with orthodontic professionals.

Root Visualization

  • Library roots provided on all case submissions
  • TruRoot™ Feature is available for all CBCT case submissions
  • Natural root color is differentiated from library roots with an option to customize with your color of choice to immediately identify a TruRoot Feature setup
  • Preset views for skin, translucent skin, bone, and soft tissue
  • Multiple clipping plane views: axial, coronal, and mesial-distal
  • No delays, doctors continue working on the prescription form while the DICOM is being uploaded.
CBCT Root Visualization with the Spark TruRoot Feature
Spark Aligners TruRoot Feature - Shape Icon


"The accuracy and quality of the shape of the roots has improved, and it matches the CBCT reference"*
Spark Aligners TruRoot Feature - Position Icon


"The accuracy and quality of the position of the roots has improved, and it matches the CBCT reference"*
Spark Aligners TruRoot Feature - Size Icon


"The accuracy and quality of the size of the roots has improved, and it matches the CBCT reference"*

What Doctors Are Saying
About The TruRoot CBCT Feature

“The TruRoot Feature integration has tremendously decreased our design time and increased our clinical efficiency. The ability to visualize the patient’s true anatomical root morphology in Spark Approver enables us to consistently design maximally esthetic and periodontally sound outcomes. TruRoot is a win-win for both our patients and our practice. “
Dr. Jeff Alba*1
“The TruRoot Feature is a true innovation in orthodontics. For the first time, we will be able to treatment plan tooth movements with the exact knowledge we need to finish with a perfect, healthy, periodontal outcome. If you factor in multidisciplinary cases that involve setting up implant spaces, this technology truly sets Spark apart from other clear aligner brands.”
Dr. Bill Dischinger*1
“The true root adventure started with Insignia and all its research. Now we have made a major step forward in Spark by actually seeing and designing our root movements within the cortical boundaries. Roots are the most important part of our orthodontic challenges in every patient. A dream came true.”
Dr. Leon Verhagen*1

Now Approve Aligner Features
In Real Time With Spark’s R13 Release

Spark Approver Software now with Real Time Approval

Real Time Approval

Spark’s Approver Software now with the Real Time Approval feature allows doctors to add, modify, or delete aligner features without the need for change requests. This includes attachments, posterior bite turbos, bite ramps, elastic and button cutouts as well as Spark’s latest innovation, Integrated Hooks. With Spark’s Real Time Approval feature you get more efficient and faster workflows…so you and your practice can focus on delivering great customer care and beautiful finishes.

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*1Dr's. Bill Dischinger, Vas Srinivasan, Ashley Smith, Jeffrey Heinz, Mike DePascale, Sonia Palleck, Andre Nazarov, Stuart Frost, Robert Gire are paid consultants for Ormco. The opinions that are quoted in this material are those of the doctors. Clinicians should use their own judgment in treating their patients.
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