Treatment Time, Outcome, and Patient Satisfaction Comparisons of Damon™ and Conventional Brackets

Eberting JJ, Straja SR, Tuncay OC. Clinical Orthodontics and Research 2001; 4(4):228-234.


To compare the treatment efficiency, quality of outcome, and patient satisfaction of the Damon SL System with conventional brackets and ligating methods.

To compare treatment times, speed of ligation, and quality of outcome in cases treated with Damon™ SL brackets versus conventional straightwire twin brackets.


A total of 215 patients were treated at three different sites - one university and two private practices. Out of those patients, 108 were treated with the Damon System and 107 with conventional braces. Damon and non-Damon treatments were analyzed for frequency of appointments, treatment duration, and quality of treatment outcome as determined by the ABO grading criteria. Additionally, patients in both groups were surveyed to assess their level of satisfaction with their treatment.

  • Damon patients were treated in an average of 6.33 months less time than those treated with conventional twin brackets.
  • Damon patients were treated with 7 fewer appointments than those treated with conventional braces.
  • The ABO scores of the Damon group were significantly higher (7.38 mean) than those treated with conventional braces.
  • Patients treated with the Damon System reported greater satisfaction with their treatment.

This study demonstrated that the Damon System yields significantly faster, better, and more reproducible treatment results and that patient satisfaction with the Damon System is greater than with conventional braces.

ABO Scores and Standard Deviation
Brackets # of Patients Mean SD
Non-Damon 107 342.31 11.38
Damon 108 349.69 8.85
Number of Appointments
Treatment time Number of Appointments
Treatment Times (in months) and Standard Deviation
Office Brackets Mean SD Avg. Tx Time Reduction with Damon
Bayonne Non-Damon 30.38 7.85 8.05 Months
  Damon 22.33 4.41  
Easton Non-Damon 31.96 7.37 4.33 Months
  Damon 27.63 6.57  
Temple     Non-Damon 26.63 10.01 9 Months
  Damon 17.63 5.58  
All Non-Damon 30.87 7.85 6.33 Months
  Damon 24.54 6.45  
Treatment Times (in months)
Treatment Times (in months)