The Damon UltimaDifference

The Damon Ultima System is the first true full-expression orthodontic system designed for faster and more precise finishing. It is completely re-engineered to virtually eliminate play for precise control of rotation, angulation, and torque.

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Product Features

  • Integrated system virtually eliminates play.
  • Four contact points for earlier and precise control.
  • Rotations completed with the first Damon Ultima round-sided wire & full expression with the second.

Experience Precise Control

Establish control earlier with rotations completed in the first Damon Ultima round sided rectangular wire and full expression with the second Damon Ultima wire, with lighter forces.

Rotation Control

The round-sided rectangular Damon Ultima wire engagement at the horizontal contact points delivers earlier rotation control.

Angulation Control

Angulation is then resolved earlier with vertical contacts.

Torque Control

Engagement at vertical contact points delivers torque control and full expression of the prescription with lighter forces.

Enhance Torque Control with Retrocline and Procline Bracket Options

With the Damon Ultima System, brackets are designed for center-point slot alignment at the FA point for desired torque expression and easier, more precise bracket placement.

Enhanced features:    
easy, convenient and reliable*

Completely re-engineered tie-wing improves ability to engage and ligate C-chain.

Easy to open and close door design with low reciprocal forces and tactile feedback

Bracket door and wire designed to reduce door closure interference

Smoother tie wings designed for better patient comfort and minimal occlusal interference.

Bracket base with 80 gauge mesh designed for reliable bond strength throughout treatment and a predictable debonding experience.

Rhomboid shaped pad and enhanced scribe line help guide bracket placement

Allows for convenient placement of drop-in hooks designed for durability with Ormco’s elastics and auxiliaries

Learn about the ultima™ clinical study

8 sites | 10 doctors | 133 patients

Study Objectives:

Phase I:

To validate the clinical efficacy
of rotational control of the novel
PSL Damon Ultima System.

Phase II:

To validate the clinical efficacy
of torque control of the novel
PSL Damon Ultima System.

Learn more about the Ultima Clinical study and read the interim results from phase I.

What doctors are saying

"With the Damon Ultima bracket in the cases we are treating we are seeing great results in 10-12 months."

"The Damon Ultima System isn’t just another bracket."

"It’s absolutely mind-blowing."

"The Damon Ultima System, in my experience, is completely different than any other bracket I have used in my career."

What patients are saying

"Treatment time was shorter. My appointments were shorter."

"My teeth are perfect now. I love them."

"I did not think I was going to cry. I didn’t realize how amazing they would look."

"Seeing the smile in the mirror. Is that mine? It’s a very happy moment."

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