The Most Substantial Update Yet!

New proprietary features and enhancements designed to give orthodontists:

  • Greater start-to-finish control and flexibility
  • More predictable and efficient treatment planning


A New, More Rigid Material Option

Unique from the leading brand, TruGEN XR is a new, more rigid material option designed for doctors for finishing and refinements. With TruGen XR, doctors now have a “finishing wire material” that allows them to progress from a flexible material at the start of treatment to a more rigid material.

This new material option gives doctors more control and better predictability with the finishing details of a case and is on par with the finishing wire option doctors have with traditional braces.

TruGEN XR has the same advanced force retention, clarity, stain resistance and material thickness that orthodontists love about TruGEN.

Approver Software Updates

Posterior Bite Turbos

Integrated into Spark Aligners, Posterior Bite Turbos can now be added during treatment planning for more complex cases. Posterior Bite Turbos are aesthetic, comfortable, durable, and sturdy.

Posterior Bite Turbos are laboratory tested to withstand grinding and compression without cracking or breaking*, and do not require any bonding or composite filling. They have the equivalent clinical effects of traditional resin bite turbos. Dr. Bill Dischinger says, “I have used this new feature in clinical trials in a number of cases and have seen amazing effects, particularly in the intrusion of maxillary molars." *

Like traditional resin bite turbos, Posterior Bite Turbos are designed to assist with molar intrusion for correction of an anterior open bite, correction of crossbite, or any other clinical condition which requires bite opening in the posterior during treatment.

CBCT Integration

Orthodontists can now import and visualize CBCT patient data (DICOM files) within the Spark Approver Software and are automatically aligned with the 3D Model in the software.

Visualizing the cortical bones can help doctors properly plan and more effectively predict tooth movement.

Visualizing teeth within a 3D view of the facial structure can also help doctors with treatment planning to create beautiful facial aesthetics.

Multiple Treatment Plans

Spark now enables doctors to seamlessly request multiple treatment plans and compare them more efficiently at the same time in the Approver software. This new feature provides the ideal setup for more efficient and effective treatment planning.

Redesigned Compare Model View

To better visualize options, independent and synched timeline sliders have been added to compare multiple setups.

Similarly, a new Sync Button synchronizes timeline sliders, preset views, as well as rotate, pan, and zoom functions.

A blue line has also been added to the timeline slider to indicate the active design.

Eruption Guides

Eruption Guides are now more easily identifiable from Pontics in the software.

Single Sign On

Between Spark Case Portal and Spark Approver

With Single Sign On (SSO), doctors are automatically logged in to the Approver Software if they are already logged into the Spark Case Portal.

Case Portal Updates

Group Practice Support

To facilitate collaboration, the Spark Case Portal now supports multiple doctors in one group practice. While retaining their own unique log in information and clinical preferences, doctors can keep their own unique log in information and clinical preferences but are able to:

  • Review, submit, and share patient records and Spark Approver Treatment Plans with other doctors in a group practice
  • Combine Spark Partner Perks cases within a group practice to maximize savings for volume-based pricing
  • Link multiple 3 Shape Scanners within a group practice

Automatic Notifications of Clinical Preference Updates

When a doctor makes a change to their clinical preferences, the Spark Design Team is now automatically notified, helping to ensure that the latest clinical preferences are applied.

Easier Photo Uploads

For quicker and more convenient case submissions, the Spark Case Portal now supports Drag and Drop photo uploads. To help ensure proper photo association, a new UI has been added that features background reference images.

Now in 6 Languages

The Spark Approver software and portal are now available in 6 languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

The expanded global language support is designed to help doctors gain efficiencies for the rapidly growing network of Spark doctors worldwide.

What Doctors Are Saying
About Integrated Hooks

“We are thrilled to deliver the many innovative, proprietary features with this release that make the Spark Clear Aligner system even more robust and easier to use for orthodontists. This release continues our commitment to innovation, empowering orthodontists to achieve healthy and confident smiles their patients will love.”
Eric Conley, President of Spark Aligners & Digital Orthodontics
“In traditional orthodontics with brackets, we progress through our wire sequence, progressing from light/flexible wires to stiffer wires as we continue to ‘detail’ our cases. We have never had that option in clear aligner therapy. With Trugen and Trugen XR, we now have that finally. The material has a nice feel to it for the patients and my patients have reported it is much more comfortable compared to other aligner brands they have worn previously.”
Dr. Bill Dischinger, Dischinger Orthodontics**
"Now, as we apply the same principles of brackets and wires where we start with round flexible wires, we now have the same principle being applied to our aligners, to produce final outcomes and stability we now have an Extra rigid material which helps us to minimize refinements, control movements, and have more predictable outcomes to ensure fantastic smiles."
Dr. Trevor Nichols, Frost Orthodontics**

*Data on file.
**Eligible for new customers in North America only. Valid for dual arch Spark advanced cases and cannot be combined with other offers. Contact a Spark specialist for more information.

Additional Updates

Approver Software

  • New floating icons can be turned on or off.
  • Doctors can now dock and undock panels on the right side by double clicking or clicking and dragging.
  • Most recent notes are now displayed at the top of the Notes Panel.
  • Bite Ramp Creator is now split into Creator and Presets
    • Creator allows doctors to place Bite Ramp onto individual teeth. Presets allow doctors to place Bite Ramp on upper and/or lower arches and span or don’t span teeth.
  • PDF Report now shows the aligner material used for the case.
  • Single arch
    • If the treatment has only a single arch, then “—” is shown in the Number of Aligners field for the opposite arch.
    • A 2D model in the PDF Report continues to show both arches.
  • Preset Cutouts now have dropdowns, instead of buttons.
  • Updated column labels
    • Column names have been changed to Total Aligners, Passive and Overcorrection.

Case Portal Updates

  • Primary Rx Form Update
    • Group practices can now choose which doctor’s clinical preferences should be applied. The default is “SELF.”
  • Refinement Rx Updates
    • New TruGEN XR lightbox and Aligner Material question have been added to the RX Form, which now defaults to TruGEN XR
    • “Learn More” links to the new TruGEN page on
    • A new section “IPR Performed on Prior Order” is added.
    • “Extraction” option is removed from the “Resolve Crowding By” section.
    • If “Primary” is a single arch treatment, then arches to treat in refinement are shown as “Read only.”
  • New Doctor Communication Preferences in the “My Profile” section
    • If checked, the doctor will receive automated case update emails.
    • If unchecked, the doctor will only receive necessary emails such as “reset password”, “forgot username”, etc.
  • Clinical Preferences
    • Added reset preferences to default
    • Separate Class II/Class III Hooks/Buttons
    • To ensure that the right preferences are applied, the large free text section for additional preferences has been replaced by 3 separate sections for final tooth position, staging, and features.
    • New sub-options are available for passive aligner applications.
  • Doctors can now see a warning on the Cancel button when changes have not been saved.

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